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25th March 2020
One watt current sense chip resistors

There is an on-going trend to smaller, portable and more functional devices in the consumer electronics world. This is particularly true in the current sense chip resistor market where power control architectures are being downsized even as the functionality is being enhanced.

13th March 2020
High current four terminal shunt resistors

Low resistance values are important for high efficiency current sensing in that lower values mean less wasted power on the current sensing measurement itself. But sensing low resistance values becomes challenging because of lead resistance. Using a four terminal shunt resistor eliminates the detrimental effects of lead resistance on the current sensing measurement operation.

5th December 2019
Current sense chip resistor extends value range

Stackpole has added a two milliohm resistance value to its popular CSS0603 Series. The ultra-precision 0603 metal foil is rated at 0.33W of power and the two milliohm resistance value has a TCR of ±150ppm with tolerance capability as low as one percent.

14th November 2019
CML MLCC capacitors with wide range

Stackpole Electronics has announced the release of the CML Series MLCC capacitors. The CML offers a wide capacitance range from 0.1pF up to 100uF in voltage ratings from ten to 100V. Available in C0G dielectric for exceptional stability and accuracy and no ageing effects, X7R and X5R for broad capacitance range and higher capacitance capability, and Y5V for cost effective high capacitance solutions with the best volumetric efficiency.

29th October 2019
Bracketed vertical mount wirewounds expands value range

  Stackpole's BVM Series bracketed vertical mount wirewounds offer flameproof high temperature capability, in resistance values from 0.1Ω up to 50KΩ. The BVM is available in power ratings from 5-25W and can operate at temperatures up to 275°C. 

27th August 2019
Ultra-precision AEC-Q200 compliant thin film resistors

Stackpole has expanded its stock of its AEC-Q200 qualified precision thin film. Available in tolerances down to ±0.01% and ±5PPM temperature coefficient, the RNCF is available in various values and case sizes. Resistance values in stock range from 24.9 ohm up to 49.9K ohm in sizes 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, and 2512.

20th August 2019
Chip resistor series features high temperature capability

  The CSSH Series ultra high precision current sense chip resistor series from Stackpole has recently been expanded to include a 0.3mΩ value in the 2512 size. The CSSH2512 0.3mΩ part is available in tolerances as low as one percent and TCR is 150ppm, with a 3W power rating.

8th August 2019
RPC-UP ultra-high power pulse withstanding chip resistors

Stackpole has increased the power rating of its popular RPC Series. The RPC-UP from Stackpole offers 0805 and 1206 size chip resistors with excellent pulse withstanding and high power ratings. RPC0805-UP is rated at 0.5W and 400V working voltage and the RPC1206-UP is rated at 0.75W and 500V.

29th July 2019
High voltage axial leaded precision resistors in stock

Stackpole is now stocking 10M, 100M, 500M, 1G, and 10G ohm values of its HVAM axial leaded precision resistors. These resistors are designed for high voltage handling and high resistance values with power ratings from two to ten watts.

15th July 2019
Engineering design kits offer prototyping for range of requirements

  Stackpole’s engineering design sample kits offer the design engineer lots of options for prototyping new design concepts. For general purpose requirements, thick film RMCF kits offer each resistance value in one percent tolerances in a single decade or five percent tolerances in a two decade span.

3rd July 2019
MOVs designed for overvoltage protection for range of applications

The RV from Stackpole is a radial leaded metal oxide varistor available in a wide range of disk sizes and working voltages designed for general purpose overvoltage protection. The UL 1449 certified RV series offers disk sizes from 5-20mm with peak current ratings up to 18,000A and energy handling up to 792J.

14th June 2019
High voltage chip resistor offers precision and stability

Stackpole's HVC is a thick film high voltage chip resistor capable of handling up to 3KV continuous voltage. The HVC offers tolerances as low as 0.1% and TCR as low as 25ppm for suitable precision. In addition, the HVC resistance element provides high resistance values up to 50 Gigohms with very low noise and VCR down to 1ppm/volt.

30th May 2019
Current sense resistors offer values down to two milliohm

A 0.5W rated foil on ceramic current sense chip resistor offering low TCR and low resistance values has been introduced by Stackpole, with the CSRF0603-HP. The resistance value range has recently been expanded to include two milliohm values. The value range from two to four milliohms has TCR of 100ppm.

17th May 2019
Melf resistors offer electrical and environmental stability

Stackpole's MLFA Series is fully AEC-Q200 compliant and offered in 0102 (0.3W), 0204 (0.4W), and 0207 (1W) sizes. The MLFA has stability demonstrated over life, biased humidity, and short time overload testing. In addition, the MLFA offers pulse power handling up to 3,500W for single short duration pulses, and lightning surge withstanding up to 6KV for resistance values above 100KΩ. 

18th April 2019
Four terminal shunt with raised element for lower self heating

  Stackpole’s HCSK2725 is an all metal technology shunt with a raised element to provide current handling with low self heating. The 5W rated HCSK2725 is available in in a 1Ω value with TCR of 50ppm/°C with other resistance values under development.

2nd April 2019
Chip resistors offer high voltage ratings with high precision

  Stackpole’s UHV Series of chip resistors offer high precision and stability in a surface mount package that is capable of handling extremely high voltages. The voltage ranges for each size are as follows: 2010-3,000 to 6,000V, 2512-4,000 to 10KV, 3512-4,000V to 14KV, 4020-6,000V to 16KV, 5020-6,000V to 20KV.

2nd April 2019
Ceramic current sense resistors offer values down to 2.5Ω

  Stackpole's CSRF Series utilises foil on ceramic technology to achieve very low values in small chip sizes. The 0.25W rated CSRF0402 - HP, for example, is available in resistance values from 20Ω down to 2.5Ω. TCR ranges from ±400ppm to ±200ppm are possible depending on resistance value with tolerances as low as one percent.

28th March 2019
High power pulse withstanding chip resistor improves power rating

Recently introduced by global manufacturer of resistors, Stackpole, the RPC0603-HP is a high power pulse withstanding chip resistor with significantly more pulse power than a standard 0603 size chip resistor. The power rating for this part has been increased to 0.25W. In addition, the working voltage for the RPC0603-HP is 75V with an overload voltage of 150V.

14th February 2019
RAVF And RACF chip resistor arrays in stock

The popular RAVF series convex termination chip resistor arrays and RACF concave termination arrays from Stackpole are available as the company currently have many of the most popular sizes, styles, and resistance values in stock. The RAVF and RACF are AEC-Q200 compliant for popular sizes.

7th February 2019
Varistors offer protection for DC operating voltages

It has been announced that Stackpole's ZV Series of multilayer varistors protect low voltage electronics from high voltage transient surges. The ZV is available in sizes 0603, 0805, 1,206, 1,210, 1,812, and 2,220 in AC operating voltages from two to 130V, DC operating voltages from three to 170V.

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