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12th September 2023
Stackpole automotive grade thin film chip precision resistors now available

In the past, limited options have existed for applications requiring automotive grade high voltage resistors. If the circuit requirements also demand high precision, finding suitable resistors may be even more difficult.  

16th August 2023
Thick film chip resistors for next generation applications

Currently most general-purpose thick film chip resistors in all markets utilise exemption 7c-1 for RoHS compliance.

9th August 2023
CSRF1225 foil on ceramic carrier current sense

Stackpole has expanded its CSRF1225 foil on ceramic carrier series to include a smaller version.

3rd August 2023
RNHT automotive grade film chip resistors

RNHT automotive grade high-temperature precision thin film chip resistors are now available from Stackpole.

29th June 2023
CSSK3637 four terminal shunt resistors minimise the effects of lead resistance

Designing high power products that require high efficiency performance can be challenging.

21st June 2023
Stackpole’s RNCF chip resistors

Stackpole’s RNCF offers 0.01% resistance tolerances and 2 ppm TCR for multiple application scenarios.

13th June 2023
RNCL thin film high-power anti-surge chip resistors

Stackpole have launched high power thin film anti-surge chip resistors to deliver high power and maintain accuracy.

22nd May 2023
RMEF Series of thick film chip resistors are RoHS compliant

Since the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) went into effect on July 1st, 2006, most thick film chip resistors have complied with the directive through exemption 7(c)-I, which allows for "...lead in a glass or ceramic...or in a glass or ceramic matrix compound." 

11th May 2023
Chip resistors for high voltage applications with tight tolerance requirements

High voltage applications frequently require high resistance value resistors with the ability to handle high working and overload voltages.

3rd May 2023
Stackpole's metal alloy current sense chip resistors

Stackpole's metal alloy current sense chip resistors offer efficiency and accuracy for high-current power supplies.

20th April 2023
HCS raised element SMD high current shunts

Stackpole’s HCS raised element SMD high current shunts offer up to 10W power ratings.

31st March 2023
RNCU ultra high-power thin film chip resistors released

Applications for precision resistors are becoming more common. For those applications with high power requirements, this can be challenging as many of these devices require lower power ratings for high precision.

1st March 2023
BR series bare element shunts offer lower PCB thermal stress

Current sensing for motor control applications often requires robust current handling and the lowest possible PCB temperatures. Unfortunately, high current or overload current handling typically means higher PCB temperatures.

17th February 2023
ASR / ASRM anti-surge resistors handle surges up to 10KV

High voltage applications such as HVAC controls, appliance and white goods controls, metering, automation, medical devices, digital storage, and surge protection devices typically require resistors with high working voltage that may be challenging to find. If the applications are low current or low energy, film resistors are an ideal technology.

10th February 2023
RTAN tantalum nitride precision chip resistors offer improved pulse handling

Precision electronics applications such as instrumentation, medical devices, avionics, and aerospace not only require resistors with tight tolerance and low TCR, but also environmental stability. When these applications also require pulse handling, finding the right resistor can be challenging because precision thin film resistors are not typically known for their pulse handling.

19th January 2023
Stackpole release CSRT-AS anti-sulfur metal film chip resistors

Applications such as industrial and automotive power control require low resistance values, high power ratings, and resistance to sulfur contamination. Stackpole state. Thick film chip resistors are not typically sulfur resistant, especially in higher power ratings, and many high-power resistor series do not offer values below 1ohm.

4th January 2023
Stackpole SMD wirewounds offer power ratings up to 4W

High power applications requiring resistors with power ratings above 1W can be challenging. For ceramic based chip resistors, this generally requires chip sizes of 2010 or larger which are susceptible to cracking and solder joint failure.

7th December 2022
Stackpole releases RPCA automotive grade pulse withstanding chip resistor

High reliability chip resistors can be more difficult to find and even more so when there are pulse handling requirements.

12th October 2022
Stackpole’s MLFM15 offers 0.3W power rating

MELF resistors are known for their thermal characteristics and their environmental and electrical stability.

30th September 2022
Stackpole expands CSRF2817 resistance range up to 0.1 ohm

Current sensing for a wide range of products and applications requires both low and high resistance values with high stability, reliability, and low TCR.

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