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Enabling industrial proximity sensing with ultrasonic

An overview of the ultrasonic journey through a factory. Ultrasonic sensing is a low cost method of proximity and obstruction sensing that is robust in outdoor and harsh environments. 

Using diodes for reverse battery and current protection

Using ideal diodes for reverse battery and current protection. An overview from Texas Instruments of ideal diode functions and applications.
15th July 2019

High frequency noise rejection in voltage supervisory ICs

Ahmad shows how a supervisory IC, such as the MAX16140 nanoPower voltage supervisor, provides better protection from high frequency noise for safe and reliable system operation.
15th July 2019

Connecting the TCAN4550-Q1 to the MSP430 - CAN/LIN booster pack

The TCAN4550-Q1 is the first System-Basis Chip (SBC) with an integrated CAN FD controller and transceiver.
8th July 2019

Fail-safe features for the TCAN4550-Q1

According to the company, the TCAN4550-Q1 is the industry’s first System-Basis Chip (SBC) with an integrated CAN FD controller and transceiver.
3rd July 2019

USB Type-C vs. USB power delivery: What's the difference?

How do you know if you actually need USB Power Delivery?
1st July 2019

eFuse or PTC? What to choose for current protection?

Short circuits, hot plug switches, over voltage protection are all needs we have for fuses.
25th June 2019

How to use serial EEPROM memory for storing data

Using the Arduino Platform and basic coding, in this video from Digi-Key, Robin shows how it possible to store data on a serial EEPROM memory chip with the I2C serial bus. 
25th June 2019

EU photonics project gets thousands of girls in STEM

Thousands of young women and girls have had the chance to explore the world of science, engineering, and light technologies thanks to a European photonics research consortium that has created their girls in STEM ecosystem, a series of 33 workshops and 11 Photonics Challenger projects across 10 European countries in a bid to tackle the underrepresentation of women in science.
19th June 2019

Smart driving: how electrification drives cars farther

In this video, TI's electrification experts are coming together to talk about what it takes to design hybrid and electric vehicles, from smart battery management to efficient traction motor control.
11th June 2019

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