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Interpreting vehicle surroundings with Jacinto TDA2 analytics

This video from Texas Instruments will showcase its 3rd party ecosystem expertise using deep learning algorithms on the current TDA2 platform.

Do you need to achieve less than 90mw of standby power?

Watch this demo to see a reference design that shows AC universal line power conversion to 12VDC up to 170 watts of power.
15th January 2019

How to develop navigation sensor solutions for drones

The OpenIMU solution from ACEINNA consists of three key parts. First is a family of Inertial Measurement Units consisting of three high-accuracy accelerometers, three high-accuracy gyros, and a powerful ARM Coretex. Zoom in on OpenIMU and OpenIMU CAN Second is an OpenSource tool chain and reference code for programming the IMU.
15th January 2019

Enabling image sensor to process interfaces with level translation

This video provides an overview of how voltage level translation solutions can be used to enable a wide range of image sensor to processor interfaces.
10th January 2019

Could the screen of the future be analogue?

After a multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign, Scribit has been presented at Las Vegas’ 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), where it will be on display until January 11th. Designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, Scribit is a write and erase robot that can turn any vertical surface into a low-refresh screen displaying information from the web, user-generated content and art. Scribit can endlessly transform any physical wall around us into an analogue screen.
10th January 2019

Dual-mode wireless power receiver demonstration

In this video, Kalyan Siddabattula, Senior Systems Engineer from Texas Instruments demonstrates TI's experimental Qi/PMA wireless power receiver in the lab.
7th January 2019

USB-A power meter quickly measures designs and prototypes

“What’s the charge, officer?” But seriously, this USB-A power meter quickly measures your designs and prototypes accurately down to 3 decimals vs lower end 2 decimal devices today.
2nd January 2019

Image sensor operation in intense lighting conditions

Most humans are blinded when driving into the sun.
2nd January 2019

How to enable 45W high efficiency Type-C USB PD 3.0 adapters

The STEVAL-USBPD45C 45W AC-DC adapter reference design features a USB Type-C connector and functions as a USB Power Delivery provider with a single source port.
20th December 2018

Measuring dynamic tilt with an IMU

Why would you want to know the dynamic tilt angle on a vehicle? Consider a classic example of a plane in the clouds. The pilot cannot see the ground, nor can he or she trust their instincts because they will feel a false gravity when the aircraft is turning. This means they need a dynamic tilt sensor which – in an aircraft - is often called a vertical gyro or the artificial horizon. Similar technology is used in automobiles.
20th December 2018

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