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Adaptive voltage scaling for high performance DSPs

Improve power supply performance and reduce power consumption with Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS).

NTAG SmartSensor designed for Industry 4.0

With NXP’s portfolio of sensing NFC tags, NTAG SmartSensor, sensory and logging capabilities can be seamlessly added to existing machinery to detect any anomalies in the means of production.
18th September 2018

Imaging performance with enhanced camera design flexibility

Intelligent image sensor design can help speed up and simplify the work needed to develop a full portfolio of cameras for industrial imaging.
18th September 2018

Accelerating design simulation with GPU rendering

CEO of NextLimit Maxwell, Victor Gonzalez, and Researcher and Developer Fran González, discuss how NVIDIA GPUs allowed them to maximise the speed of GPU rendering for users.
11th September 2018

Evaluating the buck boost battery chargers

In this short video from Renesas, you will learn how to set up the ISL9237 evaluation board and connect the EVB to the GUI interface.
11th September 2018

How to program a PIC MCU with PICkit 4 in-circuit debugger

Have you ever wondered how to flash a PIC MCU? This brief tutorial will show you how to program a PIC microcontroller with the PICkit 4 in-circuit debugger.
11th September 2018

How power modules simplify power supply design

In this video, you will get an introduction to power modules, and how they can simplify power supply design.
6th September 2018

Optimising storage solutions for data centre applications

In this video, Nigel Alvares, Vice President of SSD and Data Centre Storage Solutions at Marvell Technology discusses how cloud and enterprise data centres are increasingly highly virtualised, multi-tenant, scale-out environments that support many workloads with differing storage requirements.
6th September 2018

How does a MOSFET actually work?

Did you know that MOSFETs are responsible for the electronic revolution that happens all around us?
30th August 2018

How to reduce ADC noise through filtering analogue inputs

Have you ever wondered how to use the window comparator on the ADC in Atmel START? Or have you ever wondered how you can use the accumulation on the ADC to filter analogue readings?
30th August 2018

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