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Mini-fit power connectors designed for a wide range of applications

The Mini-Fit Connector Family delivers up to 13.0A, while blind-mating and terminal position assurance options provide a connector system for a wide range of applications.

Speeding up time to market with scalable DC-DC converters

The new family of SIMPLE SWITCHER converters features pin- and footprint-compatibility from 36-65V, and 1-4A.
16th January 2020

Automotive corner radar using TI mmWave sensors

Automotive corner radar can perform various applications including cross-traffic alert, lane-change assist, and blind-spot detection using TI mmWave senors.
9th January 2020

Wireless MCU in mechanical shock and vibration environments

In this video, Texas Instruments will talk about how its technology can take an external crystal and integrate it into its wireless microcontrollers.
6th January 2020

How to optimise the efficiency performance of a flyback converter

In this video from Maxim Integrated, Furqan explains why a Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) flyback converter, using a secondary-side rectification diode, is unsuitable for low voltage high current applications.
17th December 2019

Precision Labs - Temperature sensors: How to monitor die temperature

Die temperature of a high performance processors such as a CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, and FPGAs not only initiate a safe system shutdown, but also enable systems to dynamically adjust its performance or control fan speed in the system.
17th December 2019

Using a phone as a wireless power transmitter

WattShare enables smart devices, such as smartphones, to charge wirelessly and then, to provide power wirelessly to accessory devices, such as smart watches and wearable devices, and earbud cases.
12th December 2019

Enabling autonomous vehicles to see in adverse conditions

AI technology for self-driving cars is usually trained in ideal conditions.
12th December 2019

Long range, multi-band sensor networks with LPSTK-CC1352R

The LaunchPad SensorTag Kit (LPSTK-CC1352R) is based on the multi-band, multi-protocol SimpleLink CC1352R wireless MCU. 
9th December 2019

Need something unique for that special holiday tinkerer?

Are you looking for something unique for that special holiday tinkerer?
9th December 2019

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