Stackpole’s chip resistors perform in key conditions

16th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Automotive and industrial electronics require performance under harsh environmental conditions including high temperatures. Film chip resistors generally are limited to full power up to 70°C and operating temperatures up to 155°C.

Stackpole’s RNHT series of thin film precision resistors are designed to offer full power capability up to 85°C and operation up to 170°C. The automotive grade RNHT is AEC qualified and offers a wide range of values in sizes from 0402 through 1206 in tolerances down to 0.02% and TCR’s down to 5 ppm. The thin film RNHT has exceptional long-term stability and reliability inherent in thin film technology.

Pricing for the RNHT depends on size, resistance value, TCR, and tolerance.  

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