TMJ thermal jumpers help lower temperatures for high power supplies

7th May 2024
Paige West

Power supply designers often encounter thermal management challenges as power levels increase.

Traditional methods for reducing heat are sometimes unsuitable due to constraints in size, layout, or cost. In this context, thermal jumpers emerge as a compact and cost-effective solution for reducing PCB temperatures, offering straightforward implementation.

Stackpole's TMJ series represents an advancement in this area. It is a surface-mounted, electrically isolated component known for its thermal conductivity. The TMJ series boasts low capacitance and high insulation resistance between terminals, enhancing its utility in various applications.

The component leverages an aluminium nitride substrate, which facilitates thermal conductance of up to 216mW/°C while ensuring electrical isolation for components that require non-grounded configurations.

The cost of the TMJ series varies based on size and tolerance, with prices ranging from £0.35 to £0.90 per unit in full package quantities. For detailed pricing information and volume discounts, potential buyers are encouraged to contact Stackpole directly or reach out to one of its franchised distribution partners.

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