RNCP high-power anti-sulphur thin film chip resistors

26th October 2023
Harry Fowle

Stackpole has announced its series of RNCP high-power anti-sulphur thin film chip resistors.

Thin film chip resistors are utilised more often for modern electronic designs due to their exceptional precision and stability. However, thin film technology is usually more expensive and limited in power ratings offered.

Stackpole’s RNCP series chip resistors utilise high-volume thin film technology to provide cost-effective chip resistors that are anti-sulphur per EIA-977 and offer excellent performance and reliability under a wide range of environmental conditions.

The RNCP is an excellent choice for applications such as automotive controls, industrial automation, marine electronics, and communications and networking devices.

The RNCP is available in sizes of 0402 to 2512 in a wide range of value, tolerance, and TCR options. Pricing for the RNCP varies with size, resistance value, tolerance and TCR.

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