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21st May 2021
2W 2512 size anti-sulfur chip resistors

Stackpole's RMCS series now offers a 2W power rating in a 2512 chip resistor size as the RMCS2512 ... -HP. This option doubles the standard 2512 power rating and allows for the RMCS-HP to be used for higher power applications that may have used a different technology previously.

11th May 2021
Thick film chip resistors provide superior pulse handling

Applications that experience pulse events require special consideration for selecting resistors. General purpose thick film chip resistors have variable pulse handling depending on calibration trim length. As a result, their pulse performance can be unreliable.

21st April 2021
HCJ high current jumpers with robust overload handling

Zero ohm current jumper chip resistors provide an essential function for circuit design. They make trace routing easier for single layer PCB's, are easier to assemble in mass production and less costly than jumper wires. Some designs however require more robust current handling than general purpose thick film chip jumpers.

29th March 2021
Four terminal current sense resistors offer high accuracy

Current sensing for high efficiency can be done easily and economically using current sense resistors. As resistance values are reduced, the measurement error due to lead resistance becomes more of a problem. For applications desiring high efficiency with the best possible temperature accuracy, four terminal current sensing products are a good choice.

3rd March 2021
HCSM2818 high current shunt resistors with 5W power

The HCSM2818 from Stackpole is only marginally larger than a standard 2,512 size chip but offers a 5W continuous power rating to maximise power handling in a given PCB area. The AEC compliant HCSM2818 offers one and five percent resistance tolerances in resistance values of four, five, ten, 15, 20, and 25 milliohms. TCR ranges from 200ppm for the four and five milliohm values to 75 ppm for the values 10 ppm and higher.

18th February 2021
MLFA AEC compliant MELF resistor offers high reliability

Stackpole has announced that it offers engineers a solution for these applications with its MLFA Series. The MLFA is an AEC-Q200 compliant MELF resistor that offers exceptional electrical and environmental performance with low thermal resistance.

11th February 2021
RMEF 100% lead free thick film chip resistors released

Applications for thick film chip resistors which are 100% lead free without exemption continue to expand. Finding resistors for those applications can be challenging since there are few options currently available.

10th February 2021
Ceramic carrier chip resistors with values down to 2.5mΩ

Stackpole electronics has announced that it has the CSRF0603 foil on ceramic carrier chip resistors in stock in values as low as 2.5 mΩ, combining small size and low resistance values for maximum electrical and dimensional efficiency.

5th February 2021
HVA high voltage axial leaded resistors rated up to 8kV

Engineers face challenges when designing electronics that require a high voltage axial leaded resistor because of limited options and high cost. Stackpole's HVA series axial leaded high voltage resistors provide high voltage handling in a cost effective, compact thru-hole package.

20th January 2021
Anti-surge axial leaded resistors for high pulse voltages

For high pulse voltage, anti-surge axial leaded resistors such as Stackpole’s ASR / ASRM series, offer stable electrical and environmental performance, good pulse handling, and have lower inductance than wirewound resistors. The ASR / ASRM can handle pulse voltage discharges from one to ten kilovolts and are rated for working voltages of up to four kilovolts depending on size and resistance value.

6th January 2021
RMCP high power thick film chip resistors available

Stackpole’s RMCP is a thick film chip resistor with high power capability and is now available in resistance values up to ten megohm. This expanded resistance range and high power handling make the RMCP useful for a wider range of general purpose application requirements and circuit functions.

18th December 2020
RMCW wide terminal thick film chip resistors in stock

Industrial and commercial power electronics demand robust resistor performance. When high stability and low thermal resistance are important, standard chip resistors may not be the best solution. Chip resistors with reverse geometry provide terminations on the long sides of the chip, as opposed to the short side terminal for standard chips.

14th December 2020
Improved power rating for precision chip resistors

Stackpole recently enhanced their RNCF0402 size Nichrome precision chip resistor, increasing the power rating to 0.1W for resistance values from 4.7 ohms to 255K for 0.1% tolerances and 25 ppm TCR. This improved power rating allows the RNCF0402 to be used for applications that may normally require an 0603 or 0805 size chip resistor enabling downsizing and making added functionality much easier.

30th November 2020
Stackpole adds 5ppm capability to MELF resistors

Modern electronics have become more complex and their requirements more precise. For those applications that require low TCR, good pulse handling and low self-heating, a MELF resistor is often the best choice.

18th November 2020
Stackpole NWWP non-inductive anti-surge wirewounds

Stackpole has released the NWWP series axial leaded wirewounds that provide good anti-surge characteristics in a non-inductively wound design. The Ayrton-Perry winding greatly reduces inductance to a fraction of what a standard winding would provide while the robust wire design maximises element mass for exceptional energy handling.

16th November 2020
3.5W rated CSRT2512-UP current sense chip resistor

Power supplies and power controls have a wide range of sensing requirements. For applications that require high sensing precision and high power where the element TCR is more important than low resistance values, the CSRT2512-UP offers a 3.5W rated current sense chip resistor in a package that normally only allows for one or two watts.

26th October 2020
High current SMD shunt resistors for high pulse handling

Power electronics that utilise current sensing resistors for power control have a wide range of typical requirements. For those applications that require high power handling with low self-heating and high surge currents, the HCS high current SMD shunts from Stackpole are a good choice.

14th October 2020
CSS2725 current sense resistors available in 0.2mΩ values

Today's high current power supplies demand high efficiency and accuracy. This can be difficult because typically low resistance values cannot offer low TCR. Stackpole’s CSS2725 is a surface mount four watt all-metal current sense resistor that is now available in resistance values down to 0.2mΩ in 100 ppm TCR.

6th October 2020
Stackpole CSSH0805 available in 0.5mΩ resistance values

High efficiency current sensing requires low resistance values to minimise wasted power. As applications downsize, engineers are challenged to find lower resistance values in small case sizes. Stackpole has announced that it now offers the CSSH0805. This all-metal 0805 case size is capable of dissipating up to one watt of power at resistance values 0.5mΩ.

5th October 2020
Improved voltage ratings for RNCF0402 thin film precision chip resistors

As modern electronics evolve, engineers are challenged to expand functionality in smaller packages. To facilitate this these demands, resistors and other components need to be available in small case sizes without sacrificing performance. Chip resistors with smaller sizes and higher performance are critical to the evolution of portable test and measurement equipment, portable medical electronics, diagnostic devices, and high end portable aud...

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