CSSK3637 four terminal shunt resistors minimise the effects of lead resistance

29th June 2023
Kristian McCann

Designing high power products that require high efficiency performance can be challenging.

Low value resistors are required to achieve efficiency; however, it is common for two terminal resistors to result in significant measurement errors due to terminal resistance. 

Stackpole’s CSSK3637 Series offers a solution to engineers needing high power and high efficiency performance. The CSSK3637 is rated at 3 Watts. It’s four-terminal design allows for the forced current to flow through the larger terminations while providing accurate voltage sensing at the narrow terminals. The CSSK3637 offers excellent TCR down to ±50 ppm and resistance tolerance down to ±0.5% for exceptional precision. The CSSK is available in resistance values from 0.5 to 6 milliohm making it able so sense currents of over 77 amps.    

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