Stackpole releases RPCA automotive grade pulse withstanding chip resistor

7th December 2022
Kiera Sowery

High reliability chip resistors can be more difficult to find and even more so when there are pulse handling requirements.

Typically, the manufacturing process for thick film chip resistors allows for variation in the calibration trim, leading to variation in pulse handling performance.   

Stackpole’s recently released RPCA series addresses all these needs. The RPCA has limited to no calibration trim, providing reliable and repeatable pulse handling behavior. The RPCA is fully AEC-Q200 compliant, which assures a high level of long-term reliability. 

Applications for the RPCA include switching power supplies, motor controls, thermostats and oven controls, defibrillators, small appliances, electric hand tools, welding equipment, industrial equipment. 

Pricing for the RPCA depends on size, value and tolerance.  

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