Stackpole release CSRT-AS anti-sulfur metal film chip resistors

19th January 2023
Kristian McCann

Applications such as industrial and automotive power control require low resistance values, high power ratings, and resistance to sulfur contamination. Stackpole state. Thick film chip resistors are not typically sulfur resistant, especially in higher power ratings, and many high-power resistor series do not offer values below 1ohm.

Stackpole claim their CSRT-AS series offers low resistance values, anti-sulfur performance, and high power ratings per package size ranging from 0.25W in the 0402 case size up to 2W in the 2512 case size.

The AEC-Q200 compliant CSRT-AS has excellent precision providing for tolerances as low as 0.5% and TCR's down to 50 ppm. The metal film technology produces superior environmental and electrical stability, showing less than 1% shift under most industry standards performance tests.Pricing for the CSRT-AS depends on size, value, and tolerance

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