Stackpole’s RNCF chip resistors

21st June 2023
Harry Fowle

Stackpole’s RNCF offers 0.01% resistance tolerances and 2 ppm TCR for multiple application scenarios.

Applications such as medical equipment, instrumentation, test equipment, and precision controls typically require resistors with tight tolerance and accuracy with respect to temperature. However, finding quality chip resistors with tolerances tighter than 0.1% and TCR better than 25 ppm can be difficult.

Stackpole’s AEC-compliant RNCF is available in tolerances down to 0.01% and TCR’s as low as 2 ppm for a wide range of resistance values and sizes. The nichrome technology of the RNCF provides exceptional stability and reliability with very little resistance shift under normal load life and short-time overload conditions. In addition, the RNCF is REACH compliant, RoHS compliant, and fully lead-free without exemption.

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