Stackpole expands CSRF2817 resistance range up to 0.1 ohm

30th September 2022
Paige West

Current sensing for a wide range of products and applications requires both low and high resistance values with high stability, reliability, and low TCR.

For devices that need somewhat higher resistance values, high current handling, low TCR, and high stability, finding cost effective solutions can be challenging. Film type resistors will not have high current handling, and all metal resistors struggle to provide higher resistance values. 

Stackpole recently expanded the CSRF2817 foil on ceramic sense resistors to add resistance values up to 0.1 milliohm.

The CSRF offers superior current handling to film type resistors and has excellent TCR of 50 ppm across the resistance value range.

Pricing for the CSRF2817 is $0.30 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributor partners for volume pricing.

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