Stackpole automotive grade thin film chip precision resistors now available

12th September 2023
Kristian McCann

In the past, limited options have existed for applications requiring automotive grade high voltage resistors. If the circuit requirements also demand high precision, finding suitable resistors may be even more difficult.  

Stackpole’s RNCV resistors utilise thin film technology to achieve high voltage ratings, high stability, and excellent precision not achievable by thick film high voltage chip resistors. The RNCV offers the following sizes and voltage ratings: 

  • 0805 rated 450V 
  • 1206 rated 700V 
  • 1210 rated 1000V 

Resistance values range from 121K to 3M in tolerances down to 0.1%, and TCR as low as 25 ppm. The AEC compliant RNCV has exceptional stability over industry standard tests, including shifts of less than 0.1% for most and 0.25% for the harsh 85 deg. C / 85% relative humidity / 10% biased humidity test. Finally, the robust thin film structure has excellent anti-sulfur performance with less than 1% shift under ASTM-B-809-95 testing at 105C. 

Pricing for the RNCV varies with size, resistance value, and tolerance and ranges from $0.11 - $0.20 each in 0.1% tolerance and 25 ppm options in full reel quantities. 



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