CSFA automotive grade high current jumper now available

28th November 2023
Kristian McCann

Zero-ohm jumpers are widely used in all types of electronic circuits for a wide range of markets and end products. Jumpers make circuitry routing easier and simplify manufacturability. 

However, jumper requirements for higher current levels frequently exceed the capability of general-purpose jumpers. If the application requires high reliability and long-term stability, the choices for high current jumpers become limited.

Stackpole’s CSFA series automotive grade high current SMD jumpers can handle up to 70.70A with overload current ratings of up to 158.0A, where general purpose thick film jumpers will typically only handle a few amps. This reliability and performance allow the CSFA to be used for a broad range of jumper current requirements and will be less sensitive to surge current events.

The CSFA is AEC-Q200 qualified, anti-sulfur per EIA-977, and RoHS compliant without exemption. 

Applications include switching power supplies, engine controls, VR modules, DC to DC converters in power adapters, battery packs and chargers, and a wide range power and battery management implementations.

Pricing for the CSFA depends on size. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distribution partners for specific or volume pricing


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