Stackpole Electronics launch RPC-UP series of chip resistors

10th January 2024
Kristian McCann

Stackpole Electronics has announced the launch of its RPC-UP series of high power pulse withstanding chip resistors, designed to meet the increasing demands for high reliability applications.

With the continuous rise in power ratings, chip resistors face ever-growing challenges in handling power efficiently. Applications requiring not just reliable pulse handling but also high continuous power capacity and precision tolerances often find limited options. The RPC-UP series from Stackpole addresses these needs through its innovative element formation and minimal trimming process, offering excellent pulse withstanding capabilities, high power ratings, and tight tolerances down to 0.5%.

The power ratings for the RPC-UP series are as follows:

  • RPC0603-UP = 0.33W
  • RPC0805-UP = 0.5W
  • RPC1206-UP = 0.75W
  • RPC1210-UP = 1W

These resistors are particularly notable for their exceptional pulse handling and high power capacity, making them suitable for applications that typically require larger and more costly types of resistors. A wide range of popular values are currently available in stock.

The pricing for the RPC-UP series varies based on size and tolerance, ranging from $0.024 to $0.032 per unit for full package quantities. Stackpole invites customers to contact them directly or reach out to one of their franchised distribution partners for detailed volume pricing.

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