CPUs, GPUs lift mobile performance

3rd June 2024
Mick Elliott

Arm says its CSS for Client provides the performance, efficiency and accessibility to deliver leading AI-based experiences and makes it easier and faster for silicon partners to build Arm-based solutions and get to market quickly.

CSS for Client provides the foundational computing elements for flagship SoCs and features the latest Armv9.2 CPUs and Immortalis GPUs, as well as production ready physical implementations for CPU and GPU on 3nm and the latest Corelink System Interconnect and System Memory Management Units (SMMUs).

CSS for Client is the fastest Arm compute platform addressing demanding real-life Android workloads with greater than 30 percent increase on compute and graphics performance and 59 percent faster AI inference for broader AI/ML and computer vision (CV) workloads.

At the heart of CSS for Client is Arm’s most performant, efficient and versatile CPU cluster ever for maximum performance and power efficiency.

The new Arm Cortex-X925 delivers the highest year-on-year performance uplift in the history of Cortex-X.

Taking advantage of the leading edge 3nm process nodes, assuming a 3.8GHz clock rate and maximum cache size, the result is a 36 percent increase in single-thread performance when comparing to 2023 smartphone flagship 4nm SoCs.

For AI, Cortex-X925 provides a 41 percent performance uplift to dramatically improve the responsiveness of on-device generative AI, like large language models (LLMs).

The push for leading-edge performance is combined with leading-edge efficiency through our new Arm Cortex-A725 CPU, which delivers a 35 percent improvement in performance efficiency to target AI and mobile gaming use cases.

This is supported by a refreshed Arm Cortex-A520 CPU and an updated DSU-120 that provide power efficiency and scalability improvements for consumer devices that adopt the latest Armv9 CPU clusters.

The new Arm Immortalis-G925 GPU, delivers a 37 percent increase in performance across a wide range of mobile gaming applications, as well as 34 percent more performance when measured over multiple AI and ML networks. While Immortalis-G925 is for the flagship smartphone market, the highly scalable new GPU family, including Arm Mali-G725 and Mali-G625 GPUs, targets a broad range of consumer device markets, from premium mobile handsets to smartwatches and XR wearables.

To aid developers creating the next wave of AI-enabled applications Arm has launched Arm Kleidi, which includes KleidiAI for AI workloads and KleidiCV for computer vision applications.

KleidiAI is a set of compute kernels for developers of AI frameworks, providing them with frictionless access to the best performance possible on Arm CPUs, across a wide range of devices, with support for key Arm architectural features such as NEON, SVE2 and SME2. KleidiAI integrates with popular AI frameworks, such as PyTorch, Tensorflow and MediaPipe, with a view to accelerating the performance of key models including Meta Llama 3 and Phi-3.

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