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5th February 2013
JAE Announce DC3 Series Micro HDMI Connector

Along with the increasingly popularity of watching videos on the TV directly from camcorders and digital video cameras, the number of hand-held devices that also feature digital high-vision compatibility is growing. To support this trend, JAE has developed the DC3 Series of HDMI Type D standard compatible connectors. The HDMI Type D connector is more compact than the HDMI Type C connector (our DC2 Series), which makes it better suited for smaller...

5th February 2013
JAE's WP9 Series Pitch Board-to-Board Connector With 20% Less Mounting Space

For information communication devices like mobile phones and smartphones, the number of components used is increasing while the devices themselves continue to get slimmer and smaller in size. For this reason, there is a demand for the connectors used inside to be smaller and slimmer to reduce mounting space and also to have high reliability against drop impact and shock. These are requirements which are difficult to achieve at the same time.

5th February 2013
JAE Announces Industry's Smallest Lowest-Profile Connector For Micro SIM Cards

As information communication devices such as mobile phones and smartphones continue to get increasingly multi-functional, they are also getting slimmer and smaller in size. Consequently, there is a growing need to save space for mounting the components. The use of Compact SIM cards is increasing, and JAE has released connectors for this application. To satisfy our customers even more we'd like to introduce the SF56 Series connector, a new and ver...

19th January 2009
JAE's 0.8mm-pitch board-to-board connectors

Robust 0.8mm-pitch board-to-board connectors from JAE Europe feature a strong mating guide structure suitable for rack and panel mounting, and also employ non-pin-type structure to withstand twists caused by mating.

9th January 2009
New JAE FI-XP series for DisplayPort/LVDS interfaces withstand harsh use in consumer and professional equipment

JAE has introduced the FI-XP connector series for low-profile display interfaces including LVDS and DisplayPort, combining low overall height with enhanced strength to support robust connections to the latest thin LCDs. The insulator and metal shell are optimised for high resilience against pulling and lifting of the cable, to withstand rough handling by equipment installers or end users. A mechanical lock also prevents un-mating due to shock and...

13th November 2008
JAE's connectors enhance efficiency of 2.2mm-pitch automotive standard

JAE Europe has introduced 20-way and 32-way surface-mount connectors to its 2.2mm-pitch MX34 range, allowing smaller automotive electronic modules that require fewer assembly processes to enable faster production and lower unit costs.

12th November 2008
electronica 2008 - JAE demonstrates HD video over DisplayPort

JAE Europe demonstrated a high definition (HD) video signal over a DisplayPort interface on its booth (B3.214) at electronica 08. The demonstration showcases the company’s expertise in the use of the rapidly-emerging DisplayPort standard and is the first public showing of JAE’s DisplayPort development board.

7th October 2008
electronica 2008 - JAE Europe - Connectors

JAE Europe will introduce a 140-way board-to-board PCI Express connector, enabling embedded systems, copiers, medical equipment and other applications to benefit from multi-Gigabit, multi-channel serial communications.

16th July 2008
Mini HDMI connectors from JAE

JAE Europe has introduced products meeting the new HDMI Type C (Mini HDMI) format. The receptacle for the new JAE DC2 connectors is only 3.3 mm high, which saves space and allows convenient connection at the edge of low-profile, portable high-definition consumer products.

20th June 2008
DisplayPort connector provides external high definition link

JAE Europe has announced the DP1, an external connector for the DisplayPort digital video and audio interface that supports high bandwidth services, such as high definition video, on PCs and home entertainment systems. DisplayPort is a next generation standard defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) that can be used externally to connect PCs or consumer electronics equipment and display monitors. The standard also supports i...

5th June 2008
RS introduces LVDS connector kits from JAE

In order to support the market for LVDS connections for LCD, plasma (PDP) and TFT displays, RS Components has introduced a range of LVDS connector development kits from leading connector manufacture JAE Europe. The kits allow design engineers to produce prototypes within a short time frame without having to outsource cable assembly or invest in crimp tools.

6th March 2008
Micro-USB connectors from JAE Europe exceed accepted performance benchmarks

Designers seeking space savings by using Micro-USB interconnects are said to gain extra features, additional footprint savings and greater durability with the JAE DX4 series Micro-USB receptacles and cable assemblies. The JAE DX4 series type-B and type-AB receptacles meet all specifications of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for Micro-USB, and include enhancements to the internal design to prevent lifting of the contact. A stronger insert mou...

13th February 2008
Miniature automotive connector range enhanced

JAE Europe has enhanced its MX34 series automotive connector family to handle higher currents and to ease assembly. It has also embarked on testing for qualification to the USCAR standard. The MX34 current rating has been increased more than 200% to 10A per way dependent on derating curve* and the maximum operating temperature range has also risen, to 105ºC. The connector headers are now plated on all four sides, which simplifies the wave solder...

Wireless Microsite
23rd January 2008
Combined SIM/microSD connector shrinks multimedia handhelds

JAE Europe has introduced a space-saving connector for handheld applications, which combines SIM and microSD cards within a compact footprint and total height of only 2.8mm. The ST5 series connector stacks the SIM card and the push/push microSD card vertically to reduce board-space requirements in cellular handsets featuring removable storage for music, images, or personal data.

23rd January 2008
Combined SIM/microSD connector shrinks multimedia handhelds

JAE Europe has introduced a space-saving connector for handheld applications, which combines SIM and microSD cards within a compact footprint and total height of only 2.8mm. The ST5 series connector stacks the SIM card and the push/push microSD card vertically to reduce board-space requirements in cellular handsets featuring removable storage for music, images, or personal data.

15th November 2007
Connectors from JAE deliver robust PCI Express links

JAE Europe has introduced mating PCB and cable-mounted connectors for external PCI Express Card and PCIe interconnects, delivering a compact and robust solution for connecting a wide variety of boards and subsystems. The JAE DE1 series connectors include cable-mount plugs and PCB-mount receptacles featuring through-hole pin termination . The cable-mounted plugs also feature a mechanical lock to ensure correct mating. JAE Europe also offers comple...

27th September 2007
Connectors to support PCIe Mini Cards with 0.8mm contact spacing

JAE Europe has launched the MM60 PCI Express Mini Card connector system, which provides secure retention for the whole card. Two versions are available, with or without stand-off, to support a wide variety of functional modules including embedded industrial PCs or wireless adapters using the Mini Card format. The stand-off version supports modules with underside-mounted components up to 1.8mm maximum profile.

15th August 2007
SMT board-to-board connectors permit 4.5mm board spacing

JAE Europe has introduced the IL-WX series of surface mount board-to-board connectors, permitting 4.5mm board spacing for space-constrained products such as precision instrumentation, office equipment and consumer medical devices.

8th August 2007
JAE achieves automotive standard ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification

JAE has been certified by the Japanese Quality Association (JQA) to ISO/TS 16949. This standard is awarded to automotive manufacturers that adhere to a range of strict technical specifications within design, development, production and installation. It aligns several national quality system standards and is designed to ensure customers receive products of consistently high quality.

12th June 2007
Interconnect solutions for high-speed LVDS and VESA applications

JAE Europe has announced a family of connectors and pre-configured flat-flex cable assemblies for high-speed signal standards including LVDS. The FI-R/JF-04 family includes special features for optimal impedance matching, error-free assembly in high-volume applications, and extra reliability in the field. The FI-R series connectors are 0.5mm-pitch, delivering a compact solution in 21-way, 31-way, 41-way or 51-way configurations. Available configu...

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