electronica 2008 - JAE Europe - Connectors

7th October 2008
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JAE Europe will introduce a 140-way board-to-board PCI Express connector, enabling embedded systems, copiers, medical equipment and other applications to benefit from multi-Gigabit, multi-channel serial communications.
The WB4 series comprises right-angle connectors enabling horizontal mating of adjacent boards. The 0.5mm conductor pitch ensures a low footprint, to enable multi-channel interconnects within minimal board real-estate. The connectors are designed to close tolerances throughout, which results in precision matching between differential signal pairs as well as high signal integrity. Insertion loss is reduced to –5dB at 3.75GHz thanks to contact resistance below 100mΩ. Return loss is better than –4dB and cross-talk performance better than –26dB at 3.75Ghz.

Insulation resistance greater than 100MΩ ensures compliance with all applicable user-protection standards, and the connectors also exceed 200Vrms per minute dielectric withstand voltage.

The WB4 series connectors are also optimised for surface-mount assembly, with high coplanarity of electrical contacts and features to aid picking and alignment with automated placement equipment. Available connectors are specified over the extended temperature range from –40°C to +85°C, to support designers seeking to use PCI Express in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications.

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