JAE Announces Industry's Smallest Lowest-Profile Connector For Micro SIM Cards

5th February 2013
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As information communication devices such as mobile phones and smartphones continue to get increasingly multi-functional, they are also getting slimmer and smaller in size. Consequently, there is a growing need to save space for mounting the components. The use of Compact SIM cards is increasing, and JAE has released connectors for this application. To satisfy our customers even more we'd like to introduce the SF56 Series connector, a new and very easy-to-operate push-push type Micro SIM card connector.
The SF56 Series is the industry's smallest, lowest-profile push-push type connector. JAE is adding this to our broad Micro SIM connector line-up, which includes: pull-lever type, hinge type, push-eject type, and push-push type connectors.


-1.25mm height, 14.4mm width, and 16.0mm depth; designed to save space when mounting. It is the industry's lowest profile, push-push type connector.

-Designed for easy operation with a card ejection stroke of 4.1mm.

-Card detection switch (normal closed) to prevent incomplete insertion.

-Design allows for visual check and repair of the terminals after the SMT mounting process.

-Balanced four hold-down points for good EMI performance.

-Pb-free, halogen-free compliant product.

-Supports automated mounting with embossed tape.

Applicable market

-Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices with communication features.

General specifications

-No. of Contacts: 6

-Rated Current: 0.5A per pin

-Rated Voltage: 10V per pin

-Contact Resistance: 100m ohms max.

-Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC500Vr.m.s. per minute

-Operating Temperature: 25 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C

-Durability: 5,000 times

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