JAE Announce DC3 Series Micro HDMI Connector

5th February 2013
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Along with the increasingly popularity of watching videos on the TV directly from camcorders and digital video cameras, the number of hand-held devices that also feature digital high-vision compatibility is growing. To support this trend, JAE has developed the DC3 Series of HDMI Type D standard compatible connectors. The HDMI Type D connector is more compact than the HDMI Type C connector (our DC2 Series), which makes it better suited for smaller devices such as mobile phones.
The DC3 Series connector (on-board type) prevents solder wicking and flux scattering during reflow by utilizing a shell structure design with a small opening. This connector also has enhanced board retention strength by featuring an original design which creates ample soldering area on the bottom surface of the shell.

To broaden our line-up both a standard on-board type and a mid-mount type, which allows for even further slimming of devices, are available.


-2 row, 0.4mm pitch, 19 position, compact connector. (Receptacle)

-Shell structure design with small opening (please refer to drawing below) prevents solder wicking and scattering of flux during reflow.

-Mold-in structure utilized for contact to ensure position and prevent bending.

-Impedance-matching design compliant with high-speed transmission.

-EMI spring area added to the friction lock spring for EMI control.

-Available in standard on-board type and mid-mount types, ideal for the slimming of devices.

Applicable market:

-Mobile phone, digital still camera (single-lens reflex, compact), camcorder, tablet PC, others.

General specifications:

-Number of Contacts: 19 positions

-Rated Current: 0.3A per terminal

-Rated Voltage: AC 40V r.m.s

-Contact Resistance (variation from initial value): Contact area: 30 m ohms max., Shell area: 50 m ohms max.

-Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 250Vr.m.s. per minute (when not mated)

-Operating Temperature: -20 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C

-Durability: 5,000 mating cycles

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