Mini HDMI connectors from JAE

16th July 2008
ES Admin
JAE Europe has introduced products meeting the new HDMI Type C (Mini HDMI) format. The receptacle for the new JAE DC2 connectors is only 3.3 mm high, which saves space and allows convenient connection at the edge of low-profile, portable high-definition consumer products.
/> The DC2 family members introduced so far include three types of surface-mount receptacles and a cable plug featuring friction locking for convenience and security. The receptacles offer designers the choice of flange-less, side-flange or upper-flange configurations, for easy design into products from pocket-sized devices to larger handheld products such as HD video cameras.

The HDMI Type C standard uses a 0.4 mm pitch, with 19 pins in single-line configuration. This reduces the maximum receptacle height from 6.2mm in HDMI Type-A connectors to 3.3 mm, and allows receptacle width to be reduced from 15.0 mm to 11.3 mm. The corresponding cable plug is also miniaturised from 20.9 mm width to 14.0 mm and 11.45 mm height to 8.4 mm. The JAE DC2 connectors retain established JAE virtues including low crosstalk, reliable mating, high durability, and high-quality materials meeting global standards including RoHS-compliance and UL 94 V-0 flame-retardant properties.

The JAE DC2 HDMI Type C connectors deliver a robust, high-quality solution for market-leading portable high-definition products, including emerging triple-CCD HD and 8 cm Blu-ray camcorders, handheld gaming terminals, video-capable MP3 players, feature-phones and laptop PCs.

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