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Combined SIM/microSD connector shrinks multimedia handhelds

23rd January 2008
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JAE Europe has introduced a space-saving connector for handheld applications, which combines SIM and microSD cards within a compact footprint and total height of only 2.8mm. The ST5 series connector stacks the SIM card and the push/push microSD card vertically to reduce board-space requirements in cellular handsets featuring removable storage for music, images, or personal data.
The ST5’s integral plug-in SIM connector is compatible with GSM 11.11, while the microSD connector conforms to SDA standards and has a 1mm push-stroke and 3.3mm card-eject length. The connector footprint is 17.35mm x 19.2mm, and occupies 26mm x 19.2mm with the card inserted.

The new connector also implements JAE’s D-SW switch for card-insertion detection. In addition there are features to prevent the card popping out and to prevent reverse card insertion, a half-lock structure to retain the card after ejection, and features to prevent corruption of data if the handheld device is dropped.

A shield is provided for EMI protection, secured by four ground-connection points implemented integrally to the connector. The ST5 connector has a rated insertion lifetime of 5000 to 10,000 cycles, and is specified for operation from –25°C to +85°C enabling use in pocket-sized consumer products as well as professional instruments such as mobile data loggers or telematics equipment.

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