Micro-USB connectors from JAE Europe exceed accepted performance benchmarks

6th March 2008
ES Admin
Designers seeking space savings by using Micro-USB interconnects are said to gain extra features, additional footprint savings and greater durability with the JAE DX4 series Micro-USB receptacles and cable assemblies. The JAE DX4 series type-B and type-AB receptacles meet all specifications of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for Micro-USB, and include enhancements to the internal design to prevent lifting of the contact. A stronger insert moulding also enhances contact retention force, and the stainless shell material used is more rugged than the basic copper alloy accepted by the USB-IF documentation. With these enhancements the DX4 series achieves extraction force of 8N and mating durability of 10,000 cycles.
The Micro-USB standard occupies 45% less volume than the established Mini-USB format, with a mounted profile more than 1.5mm lower at 2.35mm. JAE DX4 receptacles save an extra 0.4mm over the standard Micro-USB width by using an optional revised hold-down design. This provides two through-hole retainers as well as four surface-mount hold-down pads. This total of six solder points produces a more rigid PCB attachment in addition to the space savings.

The Micro-USB standard also increases the maximum current rating to 1.8A from 1.0A and supports USB On-The-Go, enabling ad hoc communication between portable devices. The DX4 series meets these specifications, allowing product designers to use the full capabilities of Micro-USB for powering and charging devices, and connecting portable terminals when no PC is present. Cable assemblies featuring DX4 plugs are supplied pre-assembled, and provide the option of Micro-USB to Micro-USB configuration, or Type-A USB to Micro-USB enabling equipment to be connected to a host PC.

The JAE Micro-USB DX4 series connectors and cables will deliver space savings and improved performance in products such as mobile phones, media players, digital cameras and PDAs, as well as other devices such as PC peripherals, docking stations navigation equipment, miniature security cameras and medical devices.

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