ESD connectors and tapes for SMT components

8th April 2024
Harry Fowle

TME Electronic Components explores various ESD connectors and tapes for SMT components now on offer in the TME catalogue.

ESD protection is a concept that is well known to manufacturers, designers, and service technicians of electronic equipment. There are many widely used ESD safeguards such as anti-static straps, special mats or enclosures, which protect sensitive electronic circuits from the effects of electrostatic discharge. In the TME catalogue, you can find those and many other ESD protection products, including carrier tapes, splice tape connectors and cover tape extenders. They are particularly important for electronics manufacturers, as they enable connecting component reels together to ensure continuity and reduction of waste in the production process.

  • Carrier tapes with ESD protection
  • ESD splice tape connectors
  • Cover tape extenders with ESD protection

Electrostatics is a crucial issue for modern electronics, which is mostly based on sensitive and vulnerable components. One of the key problems associated with it is electrostatic discharge, or ESD. Electrostatic discharge can be extremely dangerous, as electronic integrated circuits, memory microprocessors or other semiconductor components are very sensitive to this type of transient high voltage spikes. In terms of a physical definition, electrostatic discharge involves a sudden equalisation of charges between two objects with different values of electrical potential. It can occur as a result of contact between two different materials, but it is good to know that it is sometimes observed as early as when objects of different potentials just come into close proximity.

There are many protection measures that can be used to prevent damage. For example: special anti-static enclosures, mats, gloves or special wiring. Moreover, various handling procedures can be applied, such as wearing anti-static straps thanks to which the accumulated charge can be discharged before contact with delicate components. Manufacturers of semiconductors put a lot of effort into making their products as durable as possible, which is extremely difficult due to the electrical requirements of the components.

From the electronics manufacturing point of view, adequate protection not only has an influence on production efficiency, but it also minimises the risk of damage to electronic components, resulting in improved product quality and durability. In the TME catalogue, you can find a variety of splice tape connectors, carrier tapes and cover tape extenders which are a great choice for wherever electronics manufacturing and SMT machines are involved.

ESD carrier tapes

Carrier tapes are often found in processes using SMT machines. They facilitate the storage, transport and use of small electronic components in the manufacturing process. The use of tapes offering ESD protection minimises the risk of discharge that could affect electronic components. The tape can be joined to an existing component reel to increase its length and avoid waste. In the TME catalogue, you can find black and clear carrier tapes by British manufacturer Antistat. Their sizes vary depending on the model and range from 8 mm to 56 mm. The tapes are suitable for all pick and place feeders.

ESD splice tape connectors

The splice tape connectors are important components used in SMT machines in the manufacturing of electronics. They can be attached to carrier tapes (like those described above) in order to obtain a longer section containing a required number of electronic components. Similarly to the tapes, connectors should also provide ESD protection. The connectors that are available from the TME catalogue come in three colours: yellow, red and black. Depending on your target application, you can choose from among different widths (from 8 mm to 56 mm) of self-adhesive connectors that provide excellent protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD) and are suitable for all pick and place feeders.

ESD cover tape extenders

A cover tape extender is a special kind of tape, used for the positioning of SMT components in the manufacturing process. The extenders by Statictec can be added to reels to improve the production process and minimise the component waste. Just like connectors, they are available in a range of sizes (8 mm to 24 mm).

The use of the products presented above in work with SMT components helps optimise production processes and reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge damage. The TME catalogue offers a wide range of ESD protection products to ensure safety in production facilities, laboratories, and warehouses.

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