Transfer Multisort Elektronik is one of the biggest distributors of electronic, electromechanical, industrial automatic components as well as workplace equipment in Europe. The company employs about 1000 employees in its headquarters in Poland and subsidiaries in 11 other countries. The company offers400 000 productsfrom nearly1200 leading manufacturers Thanks to impressive logistic facilities, we send 5000 parcels a day to customers from 150 countries all over the world. In the European Union, products are delivered within 24-72 hours.

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7th December 2022
TechMasterEvent: A portal that offers users possibilities

The TechMasterEvent platform has only been active for a year. During this time, it announced eight thematic competitions addressed to young artists from around the world – all those who are fascinated by technology, electrical engineering and electronics. Five competitions have already ended. The prizes, worth a total of $31,700, feature 18 winners from Europe and Africa.

News & Analysis
7th December 2022
Electrifying inspirations from Santa

Choosing a Christmas gift for an electronics hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast may be challenging. Whether the gift recipient is a girl or a boy, a woman or a man, the principal problem is to find a really useful present.

8th September 2022
C&K switches – overview of selected solutions

Pushbuttons and switches are typical components of electric circuits. By using them, we can connect and disconnect current circuits, thus controlling a given machine, device, or electronic module.

4th May 2022
Passive and electromechanical elements from Panasonic

Panasonic products can be found in numerous parts of the TME catalogue – from simple to complex components of automation systems. This article will provide an overview of the former: basic, passive, and electromechanical components that stand out for their high durability and precise manufacturing.

20th May 2021

TME’s offer now includes ETHERLINE LAN CAT.6A patchcords by LAPP. The series is designed for applications where reliability and safety are of utmost importance. With high resistance to electromagnetic interference and harsh environmental conditions, the products are intended for demanding industrial and commercial applications.

24th March 2021
DC-Link design tips: how to choose capacitors for EVs

DC-Link capacitors are an important step in power conversion for a number of uses, including three-phase Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverters, wind power and photovoltaic inverters, motor drives for industry, onboard chargers and inverters for cars (Figure 1), medical equipment power supplies, etc. Some of the most challenging applications entail rigorous environmental constraints as well as requirements related to costs and reliability.

20th October 2020
How to use a clamp meter to measure inrush current

Inrush current effect is common in electric motors. Sometimes, in case of ill-designed electrical wiring systems, switching on the motor may activate the fuse. It is caused by the inrush current - when the motor starts, it takes the current much higher than the regular operating current or than the motor which is in a stable working mode. TME explain more.

23rd June 2020
Five steps to keep automation up and running

The high productivity and throughput achieved by implementing automated processes is a key benefit to manufacturers considering a transition from more manual approaches. Down-time due to planned or unplanned maintenance can quickly negate efficiencies if production processes are halted for too long. Every second an automated production is offline costs money, which soon adds up. In this article, TME reviews different maintenance strategies and ou...

16th June 2020
Amass DC power connectors

Amass has a wide portfolio of high-current DC power connectors and accessories which are compatible with various types of batteries. The fact that the company’s headquarters are located in the same area where many Li-Ion and Li-Po battery manufacturers are seated is no doubt an asset here. During 18 years of its operation, Amass has become one of the leading manufacturers of connectors. 

7th April 2020
Overcoming passive supply issues for growth applications

If active components are the attention-grabbing rock stars of the component world, then passives are the backstage team: just as important, but getting on with their job quietly in the background.

18th February 2020
Non-volatile memory for growing demand

The demand for non-volatile memory is largely due to the continuous development of mobile devices, which require more and more memory capacity. This particularly applies to cameras, smartphones, tablets or cameras. Growing market expectations propel the ongoing improvement of non-volatile memory manufacturing technologies.

5th February 2020
Equipping an efficient electrical workbench

Having the right range tools and equipment available on an electrical workbench is essential in order to achieve the desired levels of quality and productivity. Compromising on the number, type or quality of tools is, quite simply, a false economy, regardless of whether the application is assembly, test or repair.

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