Transfer Multisort Elektronik is one of the biggest distributors of electronic, electromechanical, industrial automatic components as well as workplace equipment in Europe. The company employs about 1000 employees in its headquarters in Poland and subsidiaries in 11 other countries. The company offers400 000 productsfrom nearly1200 leading manufacturers Thanks to impressive logistic facilities, we send 5000 parcels a day to customers from 150 countries all over the world. In the European Union, products are delivered within 24-72 hours.

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17th May 2024
DC/DC converters by Traco Power in TME

Traco Power is a specialist Swiss supplier of power supply components used in many branches of the industry, such as the rail industry, medicine, building automation, or industrial automation.

Events News
9th May 2024
Tech Master Event platform

Eager to share your projects with the world? Searching for an innovative and creative platform to do so? Look no further than the Tech Master Event website! It's an ideal space for technology enthusiasts who love to experiment and create.

30th April 2024
Datamate signal connectors for demanding applications

In many applications, such as construction of satellites, aviation, or medical equipment, signal connections need to be extremely reliable and resistant to all kinds of interference and mechanical factors.

16th April 2024
Necessity is the mother of invention

Christopher Latham Sholes’ work remained with us even though it is no longer needed.

15th April 2024
AIMTEC built-in AC/DC converters

AIMTEC is a recognised global supplier of power supply solutions for electromechanical equipment. Its market position results primarily from the high reliability of its products.

15th April 2024
Bocube series of enclosures by BOPLA

BOPLA is a recognised manufacturer of cutting-edge yet easy-to-operate enclosures for electric installations and industrial and electronic equipment.

8th April 2024
Gaming, computer accessories and other related products

TME explores its range of PC gaming accessories and latest products on offer in its catalogue.

News & Analysis
8th April 2024
Lewis Urry – energy revolutionist

TME takes a look at Lewis Urry, the “Father of Alkaline,” and perfecter of galvanic cells.

8th April 2024
ESD connectors and tapes for SMT components

TME Electronic Components explores various ESD connectors and tapes for SMT components now on offer in the TME catalogue.

1st March 2024
Latest solutions from Newhaven Display

A new series of graphic OLED displays includes 2.7” modules featuring 128 x 64 pixel resolution.

28th September 2023
DRS power supplies by Mean Well

Modern industrial systems require reliable and efficient power supplies which are capable of supplying required energy to other components and devices.

27th September 2023
Industrial RAM modules from GOODRAM at TME

Industrial RAM modules are a new addition to the TME catalogue, get started with modules from GOODRAM.

27th September 2023
DF Electric cylindrical fuses

Although currently manufacturers offer a wide variety of products designed to protect power supply circuits from overload, in most cases the fuse remains the best (and, in fact, the simplest) solution.

26th September 2023
HIKMICRO multi-functional thermovision and acoustic cameras

HIKMICRO multi-functional thermovision and acoustic cameras make for safe diagnostics for electronics and industrial systems.

26th September 2023
Breve transformers and fan controllers

Transformers are still the preferred method of AC regulation in many applications such as voltage control of some motors. Also, they are often applied in powering electronic circuits.

25th September 2023
Bivar LEDs and indicators

In the past, constructors and designers used incandescent bulbs as indicator lamps to signal the operating status of equipment (start-up, failure, or cycle stage). Over the years, these have been replaced by LEDs.

22nd September 2023
Halogen-free cables and the related regulations

In this article, TME will define the different kind of halogen-free cables and the related regulations and dive into some of the options available.

22nd May 2023
Choosing appropriate DC/DC converters for use in industrial settings

Choosing DC/DC converters in industrial applications can be a considerable challenge, Mike Green, Technical Contributing Editor for TME explores.

12th May 2023
TDK-Lambda converters and power supplies

Many devices used in industrial systems, building automation systems, and even households require direct current power supply.

Component Management
12th May 2023
RECOM R-78 switching regulators

State-of-the-art, miniaturised DC/DC pulse converters (switching regulators) ensure perfect efficiency and a wide range of operating parameters.

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