Bivar LEDs and indicators

25th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

In the past, constructors and designers used incandescent bulbs as indicator lamps to signal the operating status of equipment (start-up, failure, or cycle stage). Over the years, these have been replaced by LEDs.

In fact, the latter have become the industry standard due to their small size, durability, and low power requirements. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a device without these semiconductor components. One of the manufacturers that specialise in LEDs and LED indicators is the American company Bivar.

  • SMD LEDs
  • THT LEDs
  • Light pipes for LEDs
  • LED holders
  • LED indicators

The history of the brand begins in the mid-1960s, with the rapid development of the computer market. Initially, Bivar offered only plastic mechanical components for electronic applications – spacers, isolating elements, levers, or guides. As the market developed, the company also introduced LEDs, which over time have evolved into a wide range of flexible and efficient solutions for optical status signalling.

SMD LEDs by Bivar

Thanks to the miniaturisation of electronic components, SMD LEDs (surface-mounted, i.e., mounted directly on the PCB) can be used in device operation signalling. This solution is suitable wherever saving space is important. The Bivar range of products includes SMD LEDs in amber, red, green, and yellow colour. In addition, we can also find two-colour constructions: red-and-green and green-and-yellow. They are available in several package sizes – 0402, 0603, 0805, 1204, and PLCC4. It is also worth mentioning that their front can be flat or convex.


Green LED with flat front



Bivar offers THT LEDs with the illumination (beam) angle of 15°, 20°, 30°, 40°, or 45°

In addition to surface-mounted LEDs, Bivar also produces a classic version of these components for THT mounting. They come in different colours, e.g., turquoise, red-and-green. They are 3mm and 5mm in size and feature different beam angles – 15°, 20°, 30°, 40°, and 45°.


TME also offers LEDs emitting UV light with wavelengths from 387.5nm to 407.5nm. These are elements with a convex front and a beam angle of 15° or 30°. These types of LEDs for through-hole mounting are used in specific applications, such as fluorescence detection circuits (checking if banknotes and documents are genuine or counterfeited), photo-curing heads, and germicidal elements in air purifiers.

Light pipes for LEDs in many variants


Light pipes are available in many variants

Light pipes dedicated to LEDs are nothing more than small components that allow the light-emitting diode beam to be extended or redirected. They are placed directly above the LED, so that the light can pass through the plastic pipe. Thanks to this solution, the status of the LED can be seen on the device panel, even if the luminescent structure itself is placed inside the device.

Bivar supplies light pipes of various types, designed with specific applications in mind. We can find elements with a flat or convex front, in various kinds of colours and shades – white, blue, but also transparent or diffused variants. Light pipes come in different sizes, depending on the type of LEDs they are dedicated to. In addition, they can also be mounted in several ways.

LED holders

Designed for 5mm LEDs, holders (clips) are also present in the portfolio of the US manufacturer. Thanks to them, it is easier to mount the LED on the front panel of the device.


One-piece holders by Bivar

PCB-mounted LED indicators by Bivar


Indicators can feature one or more diodes

LED indicators are interesting components that can perform a signalling function in electronic devices. They are made of plastic and can be equipped with several LEDs in a single line, which makes it much easier to place them in the housing. The indicator itself is THT-mounted. The LEDs come in various colours – white, amber, red, blue, green, and yellow. It is also worth mentioning that the lens of the diode can be transparent, diffused, or white. In addition, these types of indicators are characterised by different LED brightness and angles, so everyone will surely find something suitable for their needs.

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