Luminus' new SFT-03X LEDs boost brightness of miniaturised projectors

3rd July 2024
Harry Fowle

Luminus Devices has announced the addition of the SFT-03X Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED chipset to its projection product portfolio enabling extremely compact yet bright projection engines for embedded consumer and industrial applications.

Featuring a light emission size of only 0.345mm2, the SFT-03X chipset is optimised for operation with small microdisplays including Texas Instruments (TI)  0.16” DLPTM Digital Micro-Display (DMD) and sized to enable a projection engine with an extended depth of focus, allowing for a change to the projection distance without requiring manual adjustment. Comprising of individual Red-Amber, Converted Green, and Blue LED emitters with high colour saturation, the SFT-03X chipset helps create images and videos with vibrant colours that increase the perception of brightness to the human eye.

Thanks to an advanced compact package of only 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm per emitter and Luminus’ high-intensity projection chip technology, the SFM/SFT-03X LEDs achieve a market-leading combination of performance and efficiency delivering up to 50 lm typical brightness at 3-watt electrical power in an unprecedented 2 cm3 (cubic centimetre) form factor in a 2-channel configuration—all without requiring active cooling fans. For applications demanding even higher brightness levels, the chipset can scale up to 100 lm typical at higher input power with four active LED channels.

This miniature and cost-effective engine can easily be embedded in a variety of consumer and industrial host devices and deliver a projected image ranging from 12” to 20” depending on ambient lighting conditions. As such, the technology delivers a large display experience to the user without the large and bulky form factor of flat-panel displays such as LCD screens. A countless list of consumer applications includes battery-powered companion projectors for smartphones, augmented reality wearable displays, Homepods, smart home controllers, lighting track fixtures, bulb projectors, white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines where the projector delivers information signage, entertainment content or advanced lighting effects. In industrial applications, screenless displays are not subject to damage and can be used for industrial signage, retail displays, and factory automation applications. The SFT-03X chipset is available immediately and may be purchased from most of Luminus’ authorised distribution partners.

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