DRS power supplies by Mean Well

28th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

Modern industrial systems require reliable and efficient power supplies which are capable of supplying required energy to other components and devices.

Mean Well is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of power supplies. The brand is well known in the industry, and the products it offers are highly valued for their quality, functionality, and compliance with ISO requirements.

  • 240W power supplies
  • 480W power supplies

DRS-240 series

There are several UPS units available in the DRS-240 series, all of which have the rated power of 240W. They differ when it comes to output voltages and currents. The available configurations are: 12V DC – 20A, 24V DC – 10A, 36V DC – 6.6A, and 48V DC – 3.85A. In order to operate properly, the power supplies also require a suitable input voltage. The Mean Well devices can be supplied by AC from 90V up to 305V and DC from 127V to 431V. They are DIN rail-mounted, which is why they are exceptionally suitable for industrial applications. What is more, they boast high efficiency (90%–92%).


DRS power supplies are fitted with multitude of protection systems

It is worth noting that Mean Well power supplies are fitted with relatively many relay outputs, which are switched on when the status of the device changes. They become activated in specific cases, such as malfunction of power supply, when the output voltage, a battery charging error, or low capacity of the battery is detected. The power supply also features a built-in RJ45 connector, which can communicate through the MODBus or CANBus protocol. The DRS-240 devices also boast a large set of protections, including overload, overheating, overvoltage, and reverse polarity protection.

DRS-480 series


These power supplies offer the output power of 480W

The DRS-480 uninterruptible power supplies (rated power 480W) will prove best in demanding applications. Similar to the DRS-240 series, these devices differ when it comes to output voltage and current. The available configurations are: 24V DC – 20A, 36V DC – 10.2A, and 48V DC – 7.7A. This type of power supply is DIN rail-mounted, and its supply voltage varies between 90V and 305V AC or, alternatively, from 27V to 431V DC. The efficiency of this series of Mean Well power supplies ranges between 92.5% and 93.5%.

Just like the devices with lower power, the DRS-480 series was also fitted with a set of the same relay outputs, the RJ45 connector and built-in protections.

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