DF Electric cylindrical fuses

27th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

Although currently manufacturers offer a wide variety of products designed to protect power supply circuits from overload, in most cases the fuse remains the best (and, in fact, the simplest) solution.

Below, you can get a closer look at one of those ‘classic’ solutions the Rapidplus series of fuses.

The Spanish brand DF Electric, whose products are presented below, was established in 1987, so it can boast almost 40 years of experience in global markets.

DF Electric specialises in the manufacture of fuses, intended mainly for the general and power industry sector. The products described below are only a small portion of the supplier’s portfolio and of its range of products available in the TME catalogue.

This small part consists of fuses and fuse holders for DIN rail-mounting, which facilitate the installation of fuses in control cabinets.

In this article, TME will cover the following topics:

  • Characteristics and purpose of the Rapidplus series of fuses
  • Application of fuses in typical power systems

Rapidplus series by DF Electric

Rapidplus fuses are 10 x 85mm cylindrical gS class components. They protect electrical systems against damage caused by overload and short circuits. These products belong to the category of fast-acting (ceramic) fuses and can withstand voltages of up to 1,000V. Owing to that, they can be used in many applications in the field of power generation, distribution, and supply, such as the protection of photovoltaic systems, high-voltage converters, motor control units, soft-start circuits, or even inverter welders. The current rating of the Rapidplus fuses varies from 2A to 20A, while the design of their subcomponents allows them to withstand up to 30kA.


A fuse holder designed to facilitate the integration of a fuse into an electrical system.

Fuse holders for switchboards

In addition to fuses, you can also find compatible fuse holders on the TME website for the installation (and integration) of cylindrical fuses in switchboards or similar solutions. They are unipolar components, which can withstand voltages of up to 1.5kV (and a current of up to 32A).

After pulling out the drawer (with the use of the handle placed at the front), a technician can access the fuse and install or replace it easily. As a fuse holder is always connected to the circuit with screw terminals, the system maintenance work after a failure involves just a simple and quick replacement. Both the fuse holder and fuses themselves have been manufactured in compliance with the IEC 60269 standard, which is a set of international technical standards for low-voltage power fuses. Thanks to that, you can rest assured that the DF Electric products meet the requirements of all common electrical systems, including those found in fields such as automation, processing, manufacture, storage (and many more).

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