Datamate signal connectors for demanding applications

30th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

In many applications, such as construction of satellites, aviation, or medical equipment, signal connections need to be extremely reliable and resistant to all kinds of interference and mechanical factors.

The Datamate connectors from Harwin have been designed with exactly this in mind.

Connectors from the Datamate family are suitable for non-typical applications, where durability of signal connections is the key factor. They have been manufactured by British brand Harwin. The company’s plug and socket designs (and all other products in the quality control process) have to pass a number of tests, which translates into the top-notch parameters of these components.

They are resistant to vibration and shock, and have also been tested in terms of outgassing, i.e., the influence of extreme weather conditions (pressure, humidity, temperature) on connections, connector bodies, and cables connected to contacts. All these factors are particularly significant in the field of aeronautics.

In this article you can read about:

  • Basic parameters and groups of Datamate connectors
  • Locking mechanisms and division of products into the L-TEK and J-TEK series
  • Example applications of Harwin connectors
  • Specification of Datamate connectors

Thanks to the diverse assortment and impressive parameters, the Datamate solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications. The connectors offer a choice of two to 34 contacts, each model operating at voltages of up to 800V with a current rating of 3A. They come in single and double row variants, however, regardless of the design, all the products have a metric cable pitch of 2mm.

They are fully or selectively gold-plated, which increases their resistance to corrosion. At TME, you can purchase female or male Datamate plugs and sockets – most of the variants are straight, but angled (90°) designs are also available. In the table below, you can find two other essential mechanical parameters that differ among the products: the mounting method and the locking mechanism holding the mated connectors in place.

M80-8420242 Datamate L-TEK for PCB mounting

M80-8880405 Datamate L-TEK for cable mounting

M80-5101042 Datamate J-TEK for panel/PCB mounting

M80-4611405 Datamate J-TEK for cable mounting

Depending on the model, the products can be panel, cable or PCB mounted. The latter are available in surface mounted (SMT) and through the hole (THT) variants.

The L-TEK and J-TEK series

The products are divided into the L-TEK and J-TEK series due to two different locking mechanisms holding the mated connectors in place. All the Datamate products have been designed with exposure to yanking, vibration, and shock in mind. To prevent the plugs and sockets from accidental disconnection, they are equipped with locking latches (the L-TEK series, where L stands for latch) or M2 jackscrews (the J-\TEK series, where J stands for jackscrew).

Range of application

Thanks to their high mechanical resistance, diversity of mounting mechanisms, capability of repeated mating (min. 500 cycles), and wide thermal tolerance (even up to –55°C to 125°C), the products from Harwin presented here can be successfully used in a number of different industrial applications. They also meet the requirements of projects and prototypes from the telecommunication, aviation, and military sector.

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