AIMTEC built-in AC/DC converters

15th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

AIMTEC is a recognised global supplier of power supply solutions for electromechanical equipment. Its market position results primarily from the high reliability of its products.

Here, one of its product series, i.e. AMESP switched-mode converters, is explored.

Universal power supply modules, AC/DC converters, sometimes referred to as power supplies, are implemented by machine and equipment manufacturers, because they facilitate shortening the design, prototyping, production, and subsequent end product certification stage duration. They are also frequently used by maintenance technicians, as they facilitate plant and equipment servicing and retrofitting operations.

The AMESP series units offered by AIMTEC are not only distinguished by their recognised brand, but also by their compact sizes and a broad span of parameters (versions with the power rating ranging from 75W to 1,000W).

This article covers the following aspects:

  • Overview of AMESP series parameters and functionalities
  • Compliance of AIMTEC converters with international standards
  • Enclosure formats offered by the manufacturer


Power rating below 100W


Power rating from 100W to 350W


Power rating 500W and 600W


Power rating 1,000W

AMESP series characteristics

Firstly, note that the AIMTEC product range presented here includes a selection of built-in converters and, consequently, the manufacturer assumes that their leads and bodies will be covered to prevent unauthorised access. Note also that the differences between the various product versions concern numerous parameters and even functionalities (active power factor correction, cooling, etc.). Therefore, see below for an overview of individual key characteristics.

Input voltage

Since the AMESP series converters are mostly designed for standard applications, they are adapted to most typical mains (from 85V to 205V AC for the majority of products) and DC (from 120V to 430V DC) power supply sources. This means they can be successfully incorporated in equipment manufactured for all global markets, including the USA, but also ensure considerable savings resulting from the modular industrial machinery design. The inputs (as well as outputs and control signals) are connected via screw terminals and can therefore be used for retrofitting or servicing modifications.

Output parameters

The series encompasses devices with output voltage ratings ranging from 5V to 55V DC. The converter design facilitates adjustment of these values within the range of approx. ±10%, in order to meet certain application requirements, e.g., to supply sensors with analogue outputs, in which power supply translates into measurement results. A low interference level (e.g., not exceeding fluctuations with an amplitude of 150mV) is another important feature of this product series. Depending on the unit’s power rating, output current supplied to consumers may reach even 50A to power drives or large-area illumination systems and operate renewable energy circuits or electric vehicle handling units. Other important features include the integrated active power factor correction (PFC) system installed in higher parameter models, as well as the feedback input for dynamic voltage drop compensation.

Operating environment

AIMTEC products are known for their durability and adaptability to various operating environments. The AMESP product series demonstrates the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) coefficient, amounting to 300 thousand operating hours. Note also the efficiency of the converters presented in this article reaches even 95%.


Additionally, AIMTEC products are equipped with such protection features as: over-current protection with automatic reset function (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), output short circuit protection (OSCP), and over-temperature protection, automatic recovery after cooling down (OTP). In order to avoid false tripping of protection measures due to additional consumer activation and starting current occurrence, selected converters are capable of supplying 150% of nominal power for up to one second. Their thermal tolerance rating depends on the model and ranges from –40°C to 85°C, as specific values are determined by such factors as power, design and cooling method, as described below.

Standards and certificates

As we have mentioned above, one of the reasons why machinery and equipment manufacturers use off-the-shelf converter modules, e.g., solutions offered by AIMTEC, is to streamline designing, prototyping, and production. As power supply module components are subject to numerous regional regulations, implementing an off-the-shelf power supply unit model often proves to be the optimal solution. Therefore, most AMESP products comply with a number of requirements resulting from international standards. First and foremost, these include a group of IEC60601 regulations relating to medical devices and the requirements stipulated by the EN60335 standard which deals with safe operation of shop, office, agricultural, and household equipment, etc.

Selected AIMTEC power supply modules are also manufactured in compliance with IEC62368 (safety of radio, TV, IT, and communications equipment) and the related Chinese GB4943.1 standard.

Variety of formats


Models with power rating even up to 500W are housed in sleek and low-profile enclosures.

All AMES power supply modules are designed to be incorporated in other systems (built-in designs). The product range includes models equipped with fans to ensure air-flow circuit cooling, as well as versions with perforated enclosures, where temperature control is ensured mainly by convection circulation, made possible, among other things, by profiles acting as both radiators and body stiffening elements. Converters are fastened with M3 screws and/or factory-made holes and notches in the bodies. A relatively low profile of the enclosure is a distinctive feature of the series, which facilitates implementation in both modified equipment and new, compact designs. The converter dimensions range from 115 x 215 x 30mm to 232 x 81 x 31mm.

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