Interconnect solutions for high-speed LVDS and VESA applications

12th June 2007
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JAE Europe has announced a family of connectors and pre-configured flat-flex cable assemblies for high-speed signal standards including LVDS. The FI-R/JF-04 family includes special features for optimal impedance matching, error-free assembly in high-volume applications, and extra reliability in the field. The FI-R series connectors are 0.5mm-pitch, delivering a compact solution in 21-way, 31-way, 41-way or 51-way configurations. Available configurations include right-angle or straight connectors and crimp-type or soldered cable attachment. By also meeting VESA standards, the new connectors are able to support future converged digital display connections.
The FI-R series introduces several enhancements for high-speed signalling applications, including a soldered hold-down on the board-mounted connector that delivers greater holding strength and reliable grounding for improved impedance matching. Large mating guides on the plug-side allow fast and accurate assembly in high-volume manufacturing. The connector system also features a mechanical lock designed to prevent mis-mating as well as accidental un-mating.

The JF-04 series pre-configured FPC and connector assemblies are directly compatible with the FI-R series connection system, and are available in seven different lengths from 10cm to 100cm. Combined with the improved signalling capabilities inherent in the FI-R series connectors, the JF04 series assembles are able to support transmission distances up to 1 metre for high-speed signals designed for small voltage excursions, including TMDS as well as LVDS.

The new cables and connectors enable a competitively priced, high-speed interconnect for cost-sensitive, high-performance applications including LCD televisions and other consumer products, and medical electronic devices.

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