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21st December 2011
Phihong makes installing outdoor PoE cameras easier

Phihong has developed a unique device to aid in the installation of PoE-enabled security cameras. Designated the POE-CIT-R, the pocket-sized unit acts as a redirect for the power and data flow between the camera and the Power-over-Ethernet power supply for local access to the camera output for troubleshooting and is small enough to be added to any IT professional's key ring.

28th October 2011
Phihong Develops 24 Port Ieee802.3at Midspan For High-power Networking And Security

Phihong USA has added a 24-port, rack-mountable midspan that can provide full 33.6W on all 24ports at the same time, and is fully compliant for the IEEE802.3at PoE PLUS standard. Designated the POE806U-24AT, the unit provides 33.6W per port with no need for power management and is available with or without a SNMP management port. The series is designed for higher power functionality including VoIP phones with streaming video, IP cameras with pan/...

26th October 2011
Phihong Develops Waterproof 4-port Poe Extender To Power Outdoor Security Applications

Phihong USA has expanded its line of PoE extenders with a fully waterproof 4-port data and power extender that can operate up to four IEEE802.3af-compliant powered devices from a single Ethernet cable. Designated the POE61S-4AF, the extender takes its power from an ultra-power midspan (75W or greater) and has an IP67 rating to ensure its full functionality for outdoor applications such as security cameras, sensors and emergency lighting.

25th August 2011
Level V ratings enable CE markings in Europe...

Phihong now offers a complete line of Level V-rated standard adapters, as well as passive Power-over-Ethernet products, ensuring that global OEMs can simplify specification and purchase of products that meet worldwide energy efficiency standards. Level V compliance is now a requirement for products to receive a CE marking, which is necessary if they are to be sold in the European Union.

5th August 2011
Phithong - 9W Micro USB Adapter For Charging Lithium Ion Batteries

Phihong has developed a new 9W adapter with field interchangeable clips for use with tablets, peripherals, wireless and networking equipment. Designated the PSAC09R series, the charger features a single output of 5V DC with a Micro USB connector and is fully compliant with the Level V Efficiency marking requirements. The adapter’s constant current output also complies with USB’s Battery Charger Specification Rev. 1.0 making it ideal for charg...

20th May 2011
Phihong’s New AC-DC LED Drivers Provide OEMs with High-Quality Lighting Power

Phihong has developed a series of lighting power supplies for LED luminaire applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. The constant-current and constant voltage drivers are worldwide-compatible with high line and low line AC input voltage ranges and provide standard dimming on all outdoor models.

17th May 2011
Phihong now offers LED drivers for both indoor and outdoor applications

Phihong has developed a series of lighting power supplies for LED luminaire applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. The constant-current and constant voltage drivers are worldwide-compatible with high line and low line AC input voltage ranges and provide standard dimming on all outdoor models.

26th May 2010
Phihong 2-Port 240W PoE Midspan Provides SNMP-Capability

Phihong, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has developed a mega-power, 95W-per-port midspan that is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) -capable. Designated the POE240U-2MPN, the 2-port midspan provides full power of 95W per port and is Gigabit-compatible, making it ideal for applications such as wireless access points, computer stations, kiosks, LCD displays, magnetic locks and emergency lighting.

28th April 2010
Phihong¹s 8-Port Ultra PoE Midspan

Phihong has developed an 8-port Power-over-Ethernet midspan that provides Ultra PoE technology with full power of 60W per port. Designated the POE480U-8UP, the low-cost midspan provides total full power of 480W and requires no power management. This Power-over-Ethernet device is ideal for remotely powering applications such as wireless access points, computer workstations, security systems and IP cameras with heaters.

8th April 2010
Phihong's 4-Port Extender for Ultra PoE Doubles the Cabling Distance Available in Security Systems

PhihongUSA has developed a four-port, PoE extender that accepts ultra-power PoE and extends the reach of data and Power-over-Ethernet to 200 meters, doubling the cabling distance available for remotely powering security cameras, wireless network and access controllers. Designated the POE60S-4AF, this PoE switch is ideal for security system applications because it allows four IEEE802.3af devices to be powered over a single Cat5 cable without havi...

8th April 2010
Phihong's PoE Solutions Ease Installation and Maintain Uptime for Security Systems

PhihongUSA is providing a cost-effective method with its PoE midspans, splitters and extenders to organizations seeking to implement or expand security and surveillance systems.

24th February 2010
Phihong¹s 21W Splitter Powers Cameras and Heaters

Phihong has developed a new 21W splitter that has outputs of 10W over PoE to a powered device such as an IP Camera, and 12W DC to an accessory device including heaters and illuminators. Designated the POE21-120H, this device takes power from a Phihong IEEE802.3at-compliant midspan for use with low-power IP cameras and adjacent devices for use in security systems and access controls.

15th December 2009
Phihong Updates PoE Midspan Management Software for SNMPv3 Compatibility

Phihong has released a new version of its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) management software. Featuring a newly redesigned graphical user interface, the software provides users with enhanced local and remote access capabilities, including the ability to monitor and reset all connected PoE devices, as well as review detailed parametric information for each port. Phihong’s new GUI software is also compatible with all current versions of Simple Netwo...

29th October 2009
Phihong - Internationally Compatible 10W Wall Mount Adapter Series

Phihong has developed a new, energy-efficient 10W wall mount adapter series. Available in 5- and 9VDC outputs, the PSC12x Series consists of five versions: A, E, K, S, and C, each of which features a country-specific fixed outlet plug. PSC12A adapters are equipped for use in the United States, PSC12E for Europe, PSC12K for the United Kingdom, PSC12S for Australia and New Zealand, and PSC12C for China. Ideal for wireless communications, portable...

29th September 2009
EPS 2.0-compliant adapter series ideal for networking and security equipment

Phihong has developed a new 72-75W universal 3-wire input desktop adapter series. Ideal for applications including networking and security equipment, the PSC75U Series consists of two single-output adapters, available in 48- and 56VDC. Designated the PSC75U-480 and PSC75U-560, both adapters in the 72-75W series are compliant with mandatory energy-efficiency legislation, including the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), as ...

23rd September 2009
Phihong Improves Energy Efficiency on some adapters

Phihong has improved the energy efficiency of both its PSAA60M universal 3-wire input adapter series and its PSAA60W universal 2-wire input adapter series. Ideal for portable equipment, networking, peripherals, and gaming machines, the low-cost adapters are available in 12-, 15-, 18-, 24-, and 48V single output models; all of which are now ENERGY STAR EPS Version 2.0 (Level V) compliant.

16th September 2009
Phihong PoE midspans meet new specifications, ready for even higher-power applications

Following the ratification of the IEEE802.3at standard for Power-over-Ethernet applications up to 25.5 watts, Phihong continues to offer the broadest range of .at-compliant midspans. Providing up to 30W per port and in full compliance with the final power specifications released earlier this month, Phihong's PoE Plus midspans are available in single-, 4-, 8- and 16-port models. Applications that will benefit from the increased IEEE802.3at power l...

21st August 2009
Energy-efficient adapter series provides widespread compatibility, saves OEMs time and money...

Phihong has developed a new 10-12W interchangeable plug adapter series that is ideal for applications including wireless communications, networking, portable equipment, and peripherals. The PSC12R Series consists of three single-output models, available in 5-, 9-, and 12VDC. The 5- and 9V models, the PSC12R-050 and PSC12R-090 respectively, are 10W adapters, and the 12V model, the PSC12R-120, is a 12W adapter. Also, in addition to interchangeab...

18th August 2009
Energy-efficient adapter series provides widespread compatibility

Phihong has developed a new low-cost, high-efficiency, 5W interchangeable plug adapter series for personal electronics. Designated the PSAC05R Series, the single-output 5V adapters feature interchangeable AC input clips that allow for widespread compatibility. The 5W adapters are compliant with ENERGY STAR® EPS Version 2.0 (Level V) efficiency standards and are ideal for personal electronics applications, including digital cameras, MPEG players...

16th August 2009
Phihong - Energy-Efficient 20W Interchangeable Plug Adapter Series

Phihong has developed a new compact, energy-efficient 20W interchangeable plug adapter series. The PSAA20R adapter series, available in single 12-, 24-, and 48V outputs, features interchangeable AC input clips, sold separately, which enable widespread compatibility, as well as allow for the use of a single part number, simplifying OEMs' inventory and approval processes. Ideal for peripherals, network equipment, gaming machines, and point of sale ...

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