Phihong 2-Port 240W PoE Midspan Provides SNMP-Capability

26th May 2010
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Phihong, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has developed a mega-power, 95W-per-port midspan that is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) -capable. Designated the POE240U-2MPN, the 2-port midspan provides full power of 95W per port and is Gigabit-compatible, making it ideal for applications such as wireless access points, computer stations, kiosks, LCD displays, magnetic locks and emergency lighting.
“This mega-power PoE midspan is based on the detection, disconnect and voltage control specified for IEEE802.3af and ‘at’ devices,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing, Phihong USA. “The device is a cost- and time-saving solution in the implementation of wireless access points and security systems because it replaces hard-wiring methods while offering superior power performance.”

As with all Phihong’s midspans, the POE240U-2MPN requires no power management and provides full power to both ports simultaneously, so there is no need to calculate and manage device priorities.

The SNMP protocol enables network administrators to manage and monitor networks, and remotely diagnose and solve any network problems. SNMP-capable midspans give IT managers the ability to remotely turn phones, access points, and other devices on and off, allowing customers to save energy and reduce expenses. Phihong’s SNMP-capable devices are also enabled with the capability to send traps when a device overloads or shuts down, allowing manufacturers to receive alarms, even when in remote locations.

SNMP capability is further enhanced by Phihong’s new PoE GUI software, which provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to both locally and remotely perform tasks including enabling and disabling individual ports, managing connection types, and saving set parameters to a flash drive, as well as providing port descriptions and parametric information.

For remote access, Phihong provides http:// support, accessible via most browsers and operating systems, which enables users to login to the midspan GUI software by entering their midspan’s IP address into their browser. Additionally, remote access via Phihong’s http:// support provides users with the same level of security they receive when locally accessing the GUI software.

Users of SNMP-enabled units may contact Phihong directly regarding compatibility, as new firmware is continually in development.

Phihong’s PoE GUI, corresponding user manual, and device-specific firmware are all available for free download here. Additionally, for enterprises with more expansive networks, SNMP MIB software is also available on the website.

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