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3rd January 2023
Vinpower will introduce the iXcharger at CES 2023

Vinpower announced, through a strategic alliance with Phihong Technology and Silanna Semiconductor, the planned release of a universal charging cube, the iXcharger, which offers the ability to automatically perform a full backup of all stored photos and videos from an iPhone/iPad as well as act as extended memory for all other mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers while charging at the same time.

3rd December 2020
Wall mount DC charger with ultra-fast for 105-mile range

Phihong has released its new Level 3 DW Series 30kW Wall Mount DC Fast Charger as an easy-to-install, customisable solution for commercial fleet management, highway service stations, and parking garage applications, as well as EV infrastructure operators, service providers, and EV dealer workshops globally.

25th August 2020
Phihong Level 2 32A EV AC charger for commercial & residential applications

Phihong has released its new Level 2 AW Series 32A EV AC Charger. Featuring an input voltage range of 200 to 240VAC, and a built-in rotary switch for selecting maximum output current, the new compact, thin-profile AW Series AC charger is ergonomically designed with IP55-rated weatherproof casing to provide an easy-to-install, customisable solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

9th September 2019
AC & DC EV Charging Products at technology expo

Phihong will exhibit its complete range of electric vehicle charging solutions at the 2019 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which will be held September 10th to 12th in Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showplace. The Phihong exhibit, located at Booth #419, will include a series of high-efficiency AC & DC EV charging systems, as well as integrated software for front-end, back-end, central office, and cloud-based manageme...

7th June 2019
Interchangeable plug adapter compliant to DOE VI standards

Global supplier of OEM power solutions, Phihong, has announced the launch of its new 10W USB Interchangeable Plug Adapter Series, which is compliant to the US Department of Energy’s (DOE VI) efficiency regulations for external power supplies, as well as the European Union’s voluntary Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2 requirements.

28th May 2019
Multi-gig transmission rate for power-over-Ethernet injector

Global supplier of OEM power solutions, Phihong, has expanded its series of IEEE802.3at compliant POEA30U-1AT Power-over-Ethernet mini single-port injectors with new models that deliver 2.5G, 5G, and 10G transmission rates to support customers that require increased data speeds. The multi-gig support models feature shielded RJ45 jacks to provide better immunity to noise and reduced cross-talk. 

16th December 2016
Lead acid battery charger for mobile medical applications

Phihong has released a new 24V, 8A lead acid battery charger designed for power wheelchairs and mobility scooters with AGM or GEL batteries. Designated the DA200U-250A, Phihong’s new 24V, 8A battery charger features a convenient USB output connector, consumer electronics control (CEC) wiring, and LED indicators that communicate five charging states: connected to AC power, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

15th November 2016
10W medical grade wall-plug adapter with interchangeable plugs

Phihong has released a new 10W medical grade wall-plug adapter approved for use in minimally invasive, bodily floating (Type BF) medical applied parts that have conductive, medium-term, or long-term contact with patients. Designated the PMA10R-050AW, Phihong’s new 10W medical wall-plug adapter is rated for 115 to 230VAC input and 5VDC output, and is a limited power source (LPS) with output leakage of <100μA at 264VAC/50Hz.

26th October 2016
Wall-plug adapter suitable for medical applications

  An energy-efficient 18W medical grade wall-plug adapter has been released by Phihong. It is designed for use in minimally invasive, bodily floating (Type BF) medical applied parts that have conductive, medium-term, or long-term contact with patients.

5th October 2016
Rugged 1.8kVA AC Inverter with Li-ion battery charger

Phihong has released a compact, portable 1.8kVA inverter with an integral battery charger designed with four standard Li-ion battery packs. Designed to provide original equipment manufacturers with reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective power solutions, the new inverter is engineered to deliver 120Vac at 16A/1.8kVA (continuous) for operating power tools, and features a 40A peak current for motor start applications.

5th July 2016
Moveable EV DC chargers compliant with Chinese national GB/T standards

A family of highly efficient moveable EV DC chargers compliant with Chinese national GB/T standards that directly correspond to IEC 61851 requirements have been announced by Phihong, the 20, 40, & 60kW EV DC off-board chargers deliver quick, safe, convenient, and highly efficient charging solutions for personal and commercial EVs.

22nd April 2016
Power adapters meet US and European energy efficiency standards

Aimed at industrial, networking, peripheral, and test and measurement devices, Phihong has introduced a new range of 120W desktop power adapters that provide energy efficient power solutions. The new adapters feature a universal 3-wire IEC320-C14 input connector, are rated for AC inputs spanning 115-230V AC, and are available in five DC output voltages - 12V, 24V, 48V, 54V, and 56V.

7th April 2016
15W power adapters features USB Type-C connectors

Phihong has introduced a 15W USB power adapter that provides convenient and efficient charging solutions for a wide variety of mobile electronic devices and peripherals, including: smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, monitors and networking devices.

29th March 2016
Touch operated dimming control for LED lighting

A 10A, touch operated dimming control module for constant voltage indoor LED lighting applications, such as under cabinet lighting and architectural accent lighting, has been introduced by Phihong.

4th March 2016
18W desktop adapter is available in four outputs spanning 12–48V

Phihong USA has introduced a low-cost, low-profile 18W desktop adapter series that delivers higher efficiency performance than previous models. Designated the PSAA18U series, the adapters are compliant with the US DOE’s level VI energy efficiency requirements, featuring input power saving of <0.075W at no-load and are available in four DC output voltages (12V, 15V, 24V and 48V), making them suited for use in a wide range of consumer elec...

21st January 2016
10W wall-plug adapter series has high efficiency

Phihong USA has introduced a series of 10W, fixed blade wall-plug adapters. Designated the PSM10A series, the wall-plug adapters deliver high efficiency at a low cost, making them suited for a wide range of consumer electronics applications, including: wireless communications equipment, peripherals, portable equipment and personal electronics, like PDAs.

16th December 2015
Power adapters are compliant with energy efficiency requirements

Phihong has announced that more than 100 of its power adapters spanning 2.5–120W and 5–56V are compliant with the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) new Level VI energy efficiency requirements, which will go into effect on the 10th ofFebruary, 2016 and will impact all OEMs active in the US market.

2nd December 2015
150W LED drivers achieve 94% efficiency

A new series of 150W constant current LED drivers for commercial lighting applications has been introduced by Phihong. Well suited for use in both dry and damp locations, and featuring optional 0–10V dimming, in addition to a 20V auxiliary output for controllers, the new PDA150 Series LED drivers provide energy efficient, flicker- and shimmer-free performance in a range of commercial LED lighting applications, including indoor and outdoor f...

17th November 2015
45W USB power delivery 2.0 adapter features USB-C

Phihong has introduced a 45W USB power adapter that is suitable for charging a wide variety of mobile electronic devices and peripherals, including mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, monitors and networking devices. The 45W USB wall plug adapter, designated the PSA45A-200Q, features the latest USB 3.1 Type-C receptacle, which allows users to plug the USB Type-C cable in whichever way they would like, eliminating frustrating connection at...

26th March 2014
Adapter now includes micro USB output for tablet charging

The 10W ultra-thin PSA10F Series adapter, from Phihong USA, has been modified to include a DC cord terminated by a Micro-B USB connector. Designated the PSA10F-050, the power adapter has an output of 5V and 2A, which is ideal for charging lithium ion batteries in personal devices that feature large touch screens.

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