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5th August 2009
Phihong's 21W, 24V Power-over-Ethernet Splitter Targets Security and IT Applications

Phihong, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has developed a 21W Power-over-Ethernet splitter that provides 24V at 0.875A for powering security cameras, wireless network access points, IP telephones and IP print servers. Designated the POE21-240 Series, the Gigabit-compatible splitter divides the power and data and converts the PoE source to a regulated DC power source. It is designed to be mounted adjacent to an Ethernet device, an...

4th August 2009
Phihong - Energy-Efficient 30W Universal Desktop Adapter Series

Phihong has developed a new 30W, universal, three-wire input desktop adapter series, which it plans to release in the near future. Designated the PSC30U-V Series, the adapters are available in 12-, 24-, and 48VDC outputs; all of which are ENERGY STAR® EPS Version 2.0- and EISA-compliant. Featuring a low-profile design, non-vented, spill-proof case, and Class B EMI compliance, the 30W adapters are ideal for portable equipment, networking, periph...

22nd July 2009
Power Solutions Catalogue Allows Product Selection and Specification

Phihong has recently announced the release of its new short-form catalog. The Phihong Technology Power Solutions catalog provides customers with a comprehensive list of the company's product line, which includes fixed and interchangeable-plug wall plug adapters, car chargers, desktop adapters, open frame power supplies, LED drivers, and Power-over-Ethernet products, as well as recommended applications for the product lines. Additionally, the cat...

21st July 2009
5VDC-output adapter ideal for personal electronics applications

Phihong has developed a new 2.75W compact, fixed-blade USB charger, designated PSM03A-050Q, that features a 5VDC output. Ideal for applications including MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, and other personal electronics, the low-cost USB adapter meets ENERGY STAR EPS Version 2.0 and the European Commission's Integrated Product Policy requirements, both of which are voluntary.

16th July 2009
Phihong Develops 24W Energy-Efficient Wall Adapter

Phihong has recently announced the development of a new 24W, two-wire, universal input wall-mount adapter. Designated PSA24A-120(P), the adapter is available in a single 12V output and boasts ENERGY STAR Level V performance markings, which indicate that the adapter is compliant with the recent, and more stringent, ENERGY STAR EPS Version 2.0 specification for external power supplies. The adapter, which also bears cUL/UL, BSMI, and PSE safety ap...

30th June 2009
Phihong - 18W Desktop Adapter Series Provides OEMs With Green Power Supply Options

Phihong has developed a new series of 18W, universal, 3-wire input, desktop adapters featuring IEC320 C14 inlet receptacles. The series, designated the PSAA18U, includes single 9-, 12-, 15-, and 24V models, all of which meet the performance requirements for Level V ENERGY STAR® efficiency marking protocol, and are therefore ENERGY STAR EPS Version 2.0-compliant.

27th May 2009
Low-profile power supplies for telecom, industrial, and medical applications

Phihong has developed two single-output, 65W, open-frame power supplies designed to fit 1U applications. Available in 12-, 24-, and 48V output models, the power supplies, designated the PSA065 and PSA065M series, comply with the CE low-voltage directive and feature a low-profile 2- by 4-inch footprint. The PSA065 Series power supplies have been designed for use in access devices and peripherals, as well as telecom, data com, and industrial appli...

21st May 2009
9V interchangeable plug adapter from Phihong

Phihong has announced that the 9V adapter in its PSA05R interchangeable plug adapter series, model number PSA05R-090, is compliant with the new, more stringent ENERGY STAR® External Power Supply (EPS) Version 2.0 requirement. All of the adapters in the 5-watt series, which includes 3.3-, 5-, 9-, and 12V models, meet the requirements of the United States' Federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA). Ideal for use in personal ele...

20th May 2009
Single-Port High Power Midspan with SNMP Management

Phihong has developed a high-power, 75W single-port midspan that is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) -capable. Designated the POE75U-1UPN, the Gigabit-compatible midspan is designed to meet Ultra PoE requirements. Because the SNMP capability enables remote monitoring and reset without onsite service personnel, this midspan is ideal for applications such as wireless network access points, LCD displays, kiosks, and security cameras.

20th May 2009
Mega PoE Midspans Provide 95W Per Port

PhihongUSA has developed a Power-over-Ethernet midspan product line that is said to offer the highest power per port available on the market. Currently available in 2- and 4-port versions, the POE240U-2MP and POE576U-4MP Gigabit-compatible Mega PoE midspans provide up to 95W of power per port, more than any other midspan or PoE-enabled switch, making them ideal for high-power applications such as computer workstations, LCD display panels, and wi...

19th May 2009
Single-Port Gigabit Extender Doubles Cabling Reach for PoE

PhihongUSA has developed a single-port, Gigabit PoE extender that accepts high power PoE from IEEE802.3at or pre-standard higher power PoE solutions. Designated the POE16S-1AF, the 10/100/1000 base T switch extends the reach of data and Power-over-Ethernet to 200 meters, doubling the cabling distance available for remotely powering security cameras, wireless network and access controllers.

14th May 2009
5W USB Interchangeable Plug Adapter Complies With ENERGY STAR EPS Version 2.0

Phihong has announced that its 5W USB adapter with interchangeable plugs is compliant with the new, more stringent ENERGY STAR External Power Supply Version 2.0 requirement. The PSB05R adapter, model number PSB05R-050Q(A)-R, is also in compliance with the United States' Federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA). Featuring field-changeable AC plugs specific to the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the P...

2nd April 2009
Phihong's 24-Port Midspan Now Available In A Single 1U Chassis

Phihong has released its next generation, power on demand 24-port midspan, which provides eight ports of IEEE 802.3at 33.6 watts per port and 16 IEEE 802.3af 15.4W per port in a single 1U chassis. Designated the POE576U-24AFAT, the midspan is ideal as a solution for sites where a variety of power levels are required, such as a system with several high-power access points, full-function security surveillance cameras, and a number of VoIP phones. ...

11th March 2009
Fixed-Prong Wall Adapters for OEM Applications from Phihong

Phihong is expanding its adapter line to include two 12W fixed-prong, wall-mount adapters for OEM applications, both of which are ENERGY STAR EPS 2.0-compliant. Designated the PSA12A-120-R and the PSA12E-120-R, the 12VDC-output adapters have been designed for use in the United States and Europe, respectively, and are ideal for wireless communications, networking, portable equipment, and peripheral applications.

11th February 2009
Phihong Expands 60W Adapter Series

Phihong has announced the addition of 48V output models to its existing PSAA60W and PSAA60M single output adapter series. The PSAA60W-480 two-wire input adapter and the PSAA60M-480 three-wire input adapter are the latest additions in series that already include 12, 15, 18, and 24V output models. The new 48V adapters better address networking, data communications, and IP applications. However, adapters in both series are ideal for portable equi...

23rd January 2009
Phihong's 10W Global Adapter's are EPS 2.0 Compliant

Phihong has announced that the 9V and 12V models in its 10W interchangeable plug series meet the new, more stringent ENERGY STAR EPS 2.0 requirement, which went into effect November 1, 2008. All PSM11R Series adapters were already in compliance with the United States' Federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) and the California Energy Commission's Appliance Efficiency Regulation (CEC). PSM11R adapters are ideal for OEM applicat...

13th January 2009
Phihong's Adapter meets new ENERGY STAR requirements

Phihong has expanded its adapter line by announcing the availability of an 18W interchangeable plug adapter for OEM applications, including wireless communications, peripherals, portable equipment, and networking equipment. Designated the PSA18R-120P, the 18W adapter is available with four interchangeable AC plugs that make it compatible with virtually every power outlet worldwide. This global compatibility also allows for the use of a single par...

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