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20th November 2012
Phihong Announces Wireless Power And Dimming Controls For OEM Lighting Applications

Phihong USA has developed a new series of remote access tools that provide users with greater control over their LED lighting installations. Compliant with indoor, outdoor and architectural lighting installations, the new remote access tools allow administrators to power, dim, shut off, program and reset networked lighting applications from any web-enabled computer, PDA or tablet.

1st November 2012
6W, Level V-compliant Adapter-Style LED Driver for Personal Lighting Applications

Phihong USA has developed a new, low-cost, fixed-prong, wall-plug adapter style LED driver capable of driving small arrays of LEDs, like those in personal lighting applications, at a constant current. Available in outputs of 350mA, 700mA, and 1000mA, the PDA006A-S adapter series is intended for use in a variety of personal lighting applications, including table lamps, desktop lamps, and reading lights.

18th October 2012
Phihong's New 12W Constant Current LED Driver Is Packaged As A Traditional Wall-Plug Adapter

Phihong USA has developed a new external LED driver that is conveniently packaged as a low-cost, fixed-prong wall-plug adapter. Capable of producing up to 12W of output power, the PDA012A-S is available in constant current outputs of 350, 700, 1000 and 1500mA, and is ideal for home and small office lighting applications, such as floor lamps, table lamps and cabinet lighting.

3rd October 2012
Phihong's new PSA30W-190A adaptor ideal for ultra-portable applications

Phihong has today announced that it has developed a compact 30W adapter designed to power netbook computers. Designated the PSA30W-190A, Phihong's smallest 30W, Level V efficient adapter produces an output of 19V and 1.6-1.8A, which is ideal for powering portable computers.

11th July 2012
PSA40W-190 40W Desktop Adapter from Phihong ideal for modern mobile computing

The PSA40W-190, designed and introduced by Phihong USA, is a small, lightweight, and energy-efficient adapter for mobile devices that require battery charging, such as Ultrabook and Netbook computers. The 40W adapter features a 19V output at 2.1A, a peak current output of 2.3A, and complies with all major worldwide energy efficiency standards.

31st May 2012
Phihong Develops A 72w Led Driver For Outdoor Lighting

Phihong USA has developed a 72W constant voltage LED driver designed to power area, wash, and architectural lighting in harsh environments. Designated the PDA072B-24VG, the driver has a Class 2 output of 24VDC at 3A and is compliant with the Energy Star specifications regarding solid-state lighting luminaires.

9th May 2012
Phihong Introduces World Class LED Driver Adapters

Phihong USA has introduced a new line of constant-current LED drivers designed as fixed wall plug adapters. The low cost adapter-style drivers are available for North American input voltages, and provide ample power for consumer lighting applications.

9th May 2012
Phihong Develops 125W External Constant-Current AC/DC LED Drivers

Phihong USA has developed a new constant-current external LED driver for high power applications, including street and parking area lighting. Designated the PDA125 series, the 125W drivers are available in outputs of 700mA, 1050mA and 1400mA. This versatility, combined with a wide range of operating temperatures, makes the drivers ideal for high power lighting installations in harsh environments.

8th May 2012
Phihong LED Drivers Exceed Expectations with 100,000 Hour Measured Lifespans

Phihong USA has developed a new series of external AC/DC LED drivers that feature extended lifespans of up to 100,000 hours. The new Stonehenge series LED drivers are designed without E-caps, which dry out over time and shorten the operating life of power supplies. A subset of the broader PDA012X Series, the Stonehenge Series consists of two drivers: the PDA012A-350C-H-R, which is designed for AC inputs of 220-277VAC, and the PDA012B-350C-H-R, wh...

30th April 2012
Phihong Announces External 37W 4-Channel LED Driver with Standard Dimming

Phihong USA has developed a new multi-channel driver for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Designated the PDA037W-350G, the driver is equipped with four outputs of 350mA and offers 0-10V dimming capability. Ideal for linear fluorescent replacement fixtures, the power supply satisfies all ENERGY STAR requirements governing power supplies in solid-state lighting luminaires.

11th April 2012
Phihong Develops 80W External AC/DC LED Driver

Phihong USA has developed a new 80W constant voltage LED driver that is ideal for a variety of harsh environment lighting applications. Designated the PDA080B-48VG, the universal input driver is rated for inputs of 100VAC to 304VAC and has a maximum output of 80W at 48VDC and 1.67A.

4th April 2012
Phihong's Updated 15W Desktop Adapter Series is Now Compliant with Level V Efficiency Standards

Phihong has redesigned its top-selling PSAA15W series to be compliant with Level V energy efficiency requirements, which are now mandatory for all external power supplies sold in the European Union. The 15W adapter series, rebranded the PSAA15W-V, is available in 5-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 48V outputs for use in a wide range of applications, including portable equipment, peripherals, and terminals.

28th March 2012
Phihong Single-Port Midspan Powers Security Cameras in Harsh Environments

Phihong USA has redesigned its best selling IEEE802.3at-compliant single-port power injector for outdoor applications including access points and security cameras with pan/tilt/zoom. The full waterproof POE33U-1AT midspan is fully functional in harsh environments and the 33.6W output is ideal for users wanting to expand their security or wireless networks.

21st March 2012
Phihong's new 15W worldwide adapter for network equipment now compliant for level V efficieny marking

Phihong USA has announced that one of its best selling units, a 15W wall plug adapter with interchangeable AC clips, is now compliant for Level V efficiency marking. Level V is required for devices to gain CE compliance for sale in Europe. The series, designated the PSA15R-V, is available in 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V DC outputs for a variety of applications including peripherals, wireless communications, networking and gaming equipm...

14th March 2012
Dual-output passive Power-over-Ethernet midspan for outdoor environments

Phihong USA has designed a passive dual-output midspan for remote locations to be employed outdoors and in harsh environments. Designated the POE33U-560DO, the power injector has a total output of 33.6W for two outdoor IEEE802.3af-compliant applications. Intended for use on outdoor utility poles for IP cameras the device relays data between ports allowing for a wireless access point to be deployed for wireless transfer of data avoiding the IEEE r...

7th March 2012
POE16S-1AFG PoE & data extender powers IEEE802.3AF-compliant devices 660 feet or more from a network switch

Phihong USA is releasing a new IEEE802.3at-powered extender for powering IEEE802.3af-compliant applications located up to 660 feet from a network switch. Designated the POE16S-1AFG, the extender is powered by a PoE Plus input of 33.6W from a midspan or power injector for an output of 19.6W that is compliant with the IEEE802.3af standard. The POE16S-1AFG may also operate at gigabit Base-T data rates for applications in remote locations including w...

29th February 2012
Smallest IEEE802.3AF-compliant wall plug now provides gigabit compatibility

Phihong has expanded its line-up of wall plug Power-over-Ethernet midspans with an IEEE802.3af-compliant unit designated the POE16R-1AFG. The device has an output of 15.4W at 56V DC for applications that include IP phones, access points and portable networking equipment. The wall plug also utilizes the R-Series field-interchangeable AC clips that provide worldwide compatibility.

27th February 2012
Phihong's New 50W, 4-Channel AC-DC LED Driver With Standard Dimming

Phihong USA has developed a new series of multi-channel drivers for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Designated the PDA050W-450G, the driver is equipped with four outputs of 450mA and offers a standard 0-10V dimming capability.

17th February 2012
New PoE midspan powers IP camera access point through interconnecting cable

Phihong USA has developed a new power injector for security systems that offers full power outputs across both ports. Designed specifically for use with security systems in remote locations, the midspan relays data between ports to avoid the need for placement within 100m of a network switch when a wireless access point is employed.

11th January 2012
New Low-Cost Open Frame Power Supply from Phihong Delivers 160W

Phihong USA has announced a new standard open frame power supply that offers up to 160W for IT and multimedia applications. Designated the PSA160 series, the 2 x 4 PSU is available in 12V, 24V, 48V and 56V DC outputs and is ideal for use in 1U racks for a variety of networking applications.

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