Phihong now offers LED drivers for both indoor and outdoor applications

17th May 2011
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Phihong has developed a series of lighting power supplies for LED luminaire applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. The constant-current and constant voltage drivers are worldwide-compatible with high line and low line AC input voltage ranges and provide standard dimming on all outdoor models.
/> The overall focus of the lighting industry is changing to encourage more economical and environmentally responsible alternatives to current applications, said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. By leveraging our experience in electronic ballast production and energy-efficient product design, we see powering LED lighting as a natural progression for Phihong to expand its existing lighting business.

The line-up includes models for indoor use in small-footprint plastic housings with ingress protection ratings that meet IP20 specifications; they are ideal for applications that include small string lighting or a few high-intensity bulbs especially for display lighting, recessed kitchen lighting and emergency exit signs. All indoor models are constant-current, available in 350mA or 700mA outputs and provide 5.6W up to 30W of power. A selection of these LED power supplies will also be available in halogen-free options and will therefore not give off toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

Outdoor models are rated IP65 in full isolated potted metal casings and have dimming as a standard feature. Currently available are 30W-50W multi-channel, constant-current drivers with 0-10V dimming and a single-output, constant-current 10W driver with triac dimming. A 75W constant-voltage model with standard 0-10V dimming will be available soon. Applications for water-resistant power drivers include outdoor signs, street lighting, architectural designs and automotive lighting.

Additionally a 90W open-frame model introduced in 2010 is available in a constant-voltage output of 24V DC for easy integration into luminaires for street/area lighting or traffic lighting.

Standard features on all LED drivers include over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and open-circuit protections as well as brownout/brownout recovery. Wide temperature ranges allow for a diverse array of applications for end users.

Should a users' needs not be met by a standard product offering, Phihong has a long history of working with OEMs on custom design projects to ensure that they get the most cost-effective and efficient power solutions. Customers can contact Phihong directly to find out if Phihong OEM solutions are right for their applications.

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