Beamsplitters for laser process monitoring

9th July 2024
Caitlin Gittins

In laser material processing applications, monitoring the main beam in real time is often essential for precise control of the process. 

For high-power applications, polarisation-independent dielectric beamsplitters are employed to reflect a small portion of the input power to beam diagnostic equipment while allowing the main beam to pass through.

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures dielectric beamsplitters using plasma ion-assisted deposition (PIAD) and ion beam sputtering (IBS). These ultra-dense coatings are free from moisture and are not affected by temperature changes. Available in the wavelength range of 248nm to 3000nm and designed for angles of incidence (AOI) of 0° or 45°, the beamsplitters offer maximum reflectivity, a high laser-induced damage threshold (LiDT), and minimal thermal drift.

The online coating process monitoring enables customisation of transmission/reflection ranges, wavelengths, and AOI to suit specific applications.


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