How e-con Systems’ camera enhances ITS

10th July 2024
Sheryl Miles

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are transforming traffic, law enforcement, and road safety management.

They integrate advanced imaging technologies equipped to gather and decode real-time data to optimise transportation management, especially in smart cities.

In this blog, e-con Systems present insights on the most popular use cases of Intelligent Transport Systems, as well as why e-con Systems’ latest release, the RouteCAM_CU25_IP67, is a great camera for all these use cases.

Impact of camera selection in ITS

Selecting the ideal camera is easier said than done, considering how important imaging is to these systems. Essentially, high-quality images and videos must be extracted to help analyse traffic flow, detect congestion, and manage traffic signals. Cameras must, therefore, capture clear images, even of fast-moving vehicles.

This also contributes to monitoring driver and passenger behaviour, recording exterior surroundings, and providing evidence in case of accidents or violations.

Introducing e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25_IP67

e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25 is a Full HD Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) camera with IEEE 802.3af compliance and capable of capturing moving scenes at 60fps. Its global shutter capability ensures high-quality image capture by minimising frame-to-frame distortion and reducing motion blur, making it perfect for fast-moving objects. Additionally, the GigE interface allows video data transfer over distances up to 100 meters, thereby providing flexibility in installation and usage.

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 is also equipped with an in-built ISP to deliver superior image quality through auto white balance and auto exposure. Its M12 lens holder offers product developers the flexibility to select their preferred lens. This goes a long way to cater to various Intelligent Transportation Solution needs, ensuring high-performance and reliable operations across dynamic environments.

Popular ITS use cases powered by RouteCAM_CU25_IP67

Traffic monitoring and management

Effective traffic management is a crucial functionality of Intelligent Transportation Systems. e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 camera helps these applications monitor traffic flow, detect congestion, and manage traffic signals.

One of the standout features of this camera that drives this capability is its global shutter mode. The global shutter ensures that each frame is captured with sharp clarity, even in high-speed environments. It also provides detailed data on vehicle movements and densities for accurate traffic flow analysis.

The rapid capture and processing of frames also enable quick detection of congestion for immediate adjustments to traffic signals and other traffic management systems. Such real-time responsiveness helps maintain smooth traffic flow and reduces the likelihood of traffic jams.

License plate recognition (LPR)

License plate recognition (LPR) has become a fundamental need for law enforcement and transportation regulation. This camera enhances LPR capabilities thanks to its global shutter feature. It is important for capturing clear images of license plates, despite the fast-moving nature of certain vehicles or the type of challenging lighting conditions.

Let’s take a deeper look at two LPR-related use cases, which showcase the power of e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25_IP67:

  • Law enforcement: RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 can detect illegally parked vehicles and report them to authorities due to its high image quality. It does so by ensuring that the license plates are captured clearly.

Such a level of accuracy is achieved through the global shutter feature, which eliminates motion blur and frame distortion in high-speed scenarios. The camera’s high-resolution output makes it possible to conduct detailed analysis and identification, driving prompt and accurate enforcement actions.

  • Stop arm violation: RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 addresses the critical issue of school bus safety by capturing and recording the license plates of vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses. The global shutter mechanism ensures that images of fast-moving vehicles are captured without motion blur, providing reliable evidence.

So, it becomes possible to enforce traffic laws related to school bus safety, empowering authorities to take appropriate action against violators and boosting the safety of school transportation systems.

Transportation safety

As one can imagine, safety is an inherent need of transportation systems. That’s why e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 can be easily used for both in-vehicle monitoring and exterior surround-view applications. 

A detailed look:

  • In-vehicle monitoring: RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 equips transportation systems to observe the behaviour of passengers and drivers, detecting and recording any unusual or hazardous behaviour. Once again, the global shutter feature plays a major role in this process, as it delivers high clarity in the captured observations, regardless of the vehicle’s movement. This makes it easy to identify and address safety issues quickly.
  • Exterior surround-view monitoring: RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 performs exceptionally well in providing a detailed view of a vehicle’s surroundings. Transportation systems can effortlessly record traffic, monitor blind spots, and capture footage of accidents or suspicious vehicles.

The camera’s ability to offer consistent images also helps prevent accidents and enhance road safety. It offers complete visual data to support proactive measures and improve the reliability of transportation systems.

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 – the latest addition to e-con Systems’ PoE Camera series

e-con Systems has been designing, developing, and manufacturing OEM cameras for 20+ years. They recently launched RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 – a full HD GigE camera. Based on the AR0234CS sensor, this camera comes with a high-performance global shutter mode that makes it a great choice for ITS.

Some of its other features include:

  • Industrial-grade temperature range of –30°C to 70°C
  • PTP time and frame synchronisation
  • IP67-rated enclosure
  • Compatible with CloVis Central (e-con Systems’ Device Management Platform)
  • IEEE 802.3af compliance
  • On-board ISP


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