Phihong Updates PoE Midspan Management Software for SNMPv3 Compatibility

15th December 2009
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Phihong has released a new version of its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) management software. Featuring a newly redesigned graphical user interface, the software provides users with enhanced local and remote access capabilities, including the ability to monitor and reset all connected PoE devices, as well as review detailed parametric information for each port. Phihong’s new GUI software is also compatible with all current versions of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), including SNMPv3, which utilizes more stringent security encryptions.
Phihong has streamlined our Midspan GUI for the SNMP Version 3 release to make it compliant to the latest security levels,” said Keith Hopwood Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Phihong USA. “The new midspans also have http:// support so they can be accessed via any internet terminal, regardless of operating system.”

Phihong’s new PoE GUI software provides users with an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows them to both locally and remotely perform tasks including enabling and disabling individual ports, managing connection types, and saving set parameters to a flash drive, as well as provides them with port descriptions and parametric information.

For remote access, Phihong provides http:// support, accessible via most browsers and operating systems, which enables users to login to the midspan GUI software by entering their midspan’s IP address into their browser. Additionally, remote access via Phihong’s http:// support provides users with the same level of security they receive when locally accessing the GUI software.

Phihong’s PoE GUI requires corresponding device-specific firmware for operation. SNMPv3 firmware is currently available for Phihong’s POE370U, POE576U-AT, POE576U-24AFAT, and POE125U-8 Series midspans. The SNMPv2c firmware for POE75U-1UPN, POE125U-4ATN, POE240U-4UPN, POE576U-8UPN, and all Mega Power Series midspans is also available on www.midspans.com. Users of SNMP-enabled units may contact Phihong directly regarding compatibility, as new firmware is continually in development.

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