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11th June 2007
Cartesian Dispensing robot avoids contact contamination

Intertronics has undertaken trials at product partner I&J Fisnar related to a proven method of automatically applying conformal coating to PCB areas surrounding contacts that may be sensitive to possible spray contamination. The trials used an I&J Fisnar Dispensing Robot complete with a brush applicator and suitable valve system.

31st May 2007
Intertronics - Digital liquid dispensing for all budgets

Reliable accurate dispensing of a wide range of liquids from watery ones such as cyanoacrylate adhesives to heavy greases is now much easier to achieve with the latest introduction from Intertronics.

17th May 2007
New Araldite product range now available from Intertronics

Huntsman Advanced Materials, together with the adhere brand from Intertronics, has launched Araldite 2000 PLUS - a new range of structural adhesives, optimised to help industrial engineers bring complex plastic and metal-based design projects to life.

25th April 2007
Micro-dots for adhesive application

Coming from its partnership with I & J Fisnar Inc, Intertronics has announced a range of dispensing valves including the DV509 diaphragm valve, the VDP150 plunger pump for positive displacement dispensing and the PDV-1000 precision screw unit. These dispensing valves will be of great interest to development or production engineers wishing to achieve micro to medium applications of low to high viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylates, reagents, ...

13th March 2007
Flexible epoxy adhesive

It is unusual to find an all round stick-most-things-to-most-other-things kind of adhesive in a high performance specialist area but, according to Intertonics, the adhere IRS 2125 is such an adhesive. It is a high performance black epoxy resin system with a combination of flexibility and high adhesion strength on materials such as metal, glass, rubber and many plastics, including cable insulations and connector backshells at temperature up to 150...

28th February 2007
High Performance Optical adhesive from Intertronics

New from Intertronics is the Dymax OP-29 series of adhesives offering resilience, optical clarity, low stress and resistance to yellowing, thermal shock, vibration and impact, plus elimination of birefringence where the ultimate in precision bonding is required. OP-29 adhesives are ideal for doublet bonding, lens laminating, mirror, prism and fibre optic assembly where their solvent free, rapid cure characteristics increase productivity, lower as...

16th February 2007
Innovative adhesive technology from Intertronics

Intertronics have recently introduced new adhesive technology for PET and R-PET plastics, from DYMAX Corporation, which provides aggressive bonds to a wide variety of engineering plastics. Ultra Light-Weld® 3-20741, the new UV/visible adhesive, cures upon exposure to UV light in seconds to create intrinsically strong clear bonds, while eliminating the marking or discoloration that can occur with heat sealing RF or sonic welding. The adhesive is ...

26th January 2007
New light curing adhesive for acrylic and polycarbonate vehicle lighting assembly

Intertronics has introduced the DYMAX 3-20469 which features fast cure speeds and the ability to cure through clear, UV blocked plastic and offers advanced features for a variety of vehicle lighting assembly applications. It cures through large gaps and forms excellent bonds and seals on assemblies with unusual shapes and less than perfect fitting joints.

22nd January 2007
Intertronics at the Southern Manufacturing Show

If you specify or use adhesives then you should visit Intertronics at the Southern Manufacturing Show at Thorpe Park on February 7th and 8th. New products from Intertronics include low cost robotic dispensing and single process mixing/degassing equipment.

16th January 2007
Ergonomic lead cutters from Intertronics

Intertronics has introduced the Plato range of ergonomic lead cutters. The 170LX in particular provides ESD safe features for trimming of leads, wires etc where ESD damage is a potential problem. This includes fabrication/assembly of electronic devices or board assemblies as well as rework and repair stations.

15th December 2006
Flextac Wire Dots from Intertronics

Jumper wires for ECO’s and surface conductor repair are a fact of life in circuit board modification and repair. In the past, technicians used messy quick-set glues for attachment. Intertronics now offers an alternative solution, Flextac Wire Dots from CircuitMedic.

14th December 2006
CRC 201-2102 Professional Circuit Board Repair Kit

The new CircuitMedic CRC 201-2102 professional circuit board repair kit from Intertronics is a comprehensive package of equipment and information – it is probably the most complete and versatile circuit board repair kit to be found anywhere. Applications cover removal and replacement of coatings and components, repair of conductors and edge contacts, as well as plated holes, jumper wires, legend masking, key and slot, lifted lands. Naturally th...

20th November 2006
Intertronics introduces Flextac BGA Stencil Rework Kit

Intertronics are pleased to introduce probably the easiest, most reliable method for stencil printing solder paste on individual Ball Grid Array (BGA) component sites for rework – accurate, disposable Flextac stencils in a complete BGA Stencil Rework Kit.

18th October 2006
Dymax range of adhesives from Intertronics

The DYMAX range of adhesives from Intertronics is a comprehensive family of specialist coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, potting, sealing and masking products for micro-electronic and opto-electronic manufacture, rework and repair. In particular they are valuable for unitising/strain relief, wire tacking, heat dissipation and ruggedising of assemblies.

24th August 2006
UV monitoring made easy by Intertronics

The new DYMAX Accu-calTM 50 Radiometer from Intertronics is ideal for monitoring UV curing processes. Unlike most radiometers which can only be used either for UV spot systems or for floods or for conveyors, the new device fits all three types of UV curing systems and is ideal for all types of industrial use - whether in R & D or production environments.

14th August 2006
Clear Potting Compound

Opti-tec 7020 from Intertronics is a two part clear liquid silicone which will cure at room temperature or can be accelerated at increased temperatures. It features a non-yellowing catalyst system and a low viscosity which allows ease of flow around complex parts, providing electrical insulation and shock protection.

5th July 2006
New technology squeegees from Intertronics for new lead-free environments


21st June 2006
Optically Clear Adhesive

Opti-tec 5013 two pack epoxy from Intertronics offers high optical clarity and fast room temperature cure. It is designed for assembly/repair of glass, quartz, metal, plastics, wood or ceramics in applications such as optical filters, lenses, prisms, opto-electronics, e.g. photonics and LEDs, artwork and sculpture, as well as encapsulation, glob topping, casting and potting - and it is highly effective in restoration of minerals, gems and quartz ...

9th June 2006
Lead free development and evaluation kits

The new PCB049 board and kit from Intertronics - developed by Practical Components in conjunction with Indium Corp. - is a key resource for evaluating mixed-technology lead-free assembly. This so-called "do everything" kit allows companies to test a wide variety of JEDEC and EIAJ components to ensure that pre-production and re-work assessment can be thoroughly carried out to ensure optimum production performance.

17th May 2006
Cordless two pack dispenser for repetitive applications

The EZ-mix®HI from Intertronics is said to be ideal for repetitive application of adhesives or sealants from twin pack cartridges. Its light weight, cordless and drip-free operation will appeal to anyone using standard 50ml twin pack materials in areas as diverse as displays, engineering, dentistry, marine building and agricultural, where the adhesive has to be taken to the workpiece.

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