New light curing adhesive for acrylic and polycarbonate vehicle lighting assembly

26th January 2007
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Intertronics has introduced the DYMAX 3-20469 which features fast cure speeds and the ability to cure through clear, UV blocked plastic and offers advanced features for a variety of vehicle lighting assembly applications. It cures through large gaps and forms excellent bonds and seals on assemblies with unusual shapes and less than perfect fitting joints.
In addition to headlamp assembly, other vehicle lighting applications for which UV cure adhesives have been used successfully include tail lights, fog lights, and side lighting. DYMAX 3-20469 passes Ford’s Headlamp Performance Tests (Ford WSS-M11P28-B2).

Structural adhesion to plastics and other construction materials means that a smaller amount of 3-20469 adhesive may be used than with some other types of adhesives and sealants, such that some manufacturers have reported this allows for a larger reflective area and consequent increased lamp brightness.

3-20469 cures in seconds upon exposure to a high intensity UV/Visible light. Fast cures, ease of dispensing and in-line quality control capabilities allow for fast parts processing, ease of automation, J.I.T. assembly, reduced work in progress, lowered energy costs and increased throughput, while avoiding off-ratio rejects and reducing the manufacturing footprint. The one part cure on demand approach to adhesive technology eliminates pot life and hazardous waste concerns.

Also available from Intertronics are adhesives for lens bonding, vent-hole sealing, lead tacking, bulb positioning and fixturing and various associated electronic coating applications. High temperature grades are offered that withstand the heat generated in close proximity to bulbs for positioning and fixturing applications. Some of the physical properties of these vehicle lighting adhesives include a wide range of viscosities, elongation from 20 to 300%, excellent thermal and mechanical shock, vibration, and moisture resistance characteristics. The products have shown superior durability during extensive road testing under harsh environmental conditions.

Also available is a complete line of UV/visible curing spot, flood and focused beam lamps, conveyor systems and dispensers matched to the adhesive composition and application requirements.

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