Flextac Wire Dots from Intertronics

15th December 2006
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Jumper wires for ECO’s and surface conductor repair are a fact of life in circuit board modification and repair. In the past, technicians used messy quick-set glues for attachment. Intertronics now offers an alternative solution, Flextac Wire Dots from CircuitMedic.
Flextac Wire Dots are a wire bonding system consisting of pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film membrane coated on one side with a high performance, electronics grade permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Simply peel off the sheet, and press into place. They form a highly conformable, high strength bond. They can be repositioned during and immediately after initial bonding without causing adhesive transfer or loss of bond strength.

Unlike hot melt glues, epoxies, or quick-set cyanoacrylate super glues, Flextac Wire Dots apply instantly to a clean PCB surface with no mess, no curing time, no bonding to skin or clothes or difficult cleanup. They also maintain their hold across a wide range of process and operating temperatures, and will hold securely after exposure to numerous chemicals, including most flux cleaning solutions/sprays, saponifiers, mild acids and alkalis. Wires attached with Flextac Wire Dots will hold securely through a typical PCB hot water wash. They are RoHS/WEEE compliant. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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