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Wireless battery management system adopted

Wireless battery management system adopted
A tailored version of NorthStar ACE, a wireless battery management system, called AGM Truck Test has been created by Daimler and NorthStar Battery. This battery analytics tool is currently being rolled-out to all Daimler’s service centres in Europe plus Africa, Asia and Latin America. The joint project is the next step in the relationship with Daimler which started in 2016.
8th April 2019

Atmel Expands CryptoAuthentication Portfolio with Elliptical Curve Asymmetric Key Authentication Solutions

Atmel today announced the expansion of its CryptoAuthentication portfolio to include the ATECC108 solution with elliptical curve asymmetric key algorithm. Atmel's ATECC108 solution delivers advanced security features to support some of the latest security standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology including the P256, B283 and K283 elliptical curves, and FIPS 186-3 elliptical curve digital signature algorithm.
24th June 2013

Crocus releases the prototype of its Match in Place, a secure authentication engine

Crocus Technology today announces it will release a prototype of Match in Place, a distinctive security technique that strengthens user authentication in digital transactions. MiP is specially designed for smart card makers seeking to implement biometrics and other strong user authentication in smart cards, secure microcontrollers, tokens and mobile devices.
23rd April 2013

ACE Shielding Cans Help Us Get More From Mobile Devices

As voltages used within personal mobile devices are reduced to reduce power dissipation, relax cooling requirements and extend battery life, lower level signals become increasingly susceptible to surrounding noise and interference. It is equally important that these devices be shielded from inbound interference as it is to comply with EMR and RFI regulations.
10th April 2013

SerialBuffer on Korenix JetBox 3300-w/3350i-w guaranteeing no data-loss!

Data-loss results in a deal of expense in business and in material costs. SerialBuffer is provided to eliminate the issue. Korenix SerialBuffer is a server-client program which has been designed specifically for checking when data has gone missing in the process of transference.
5th April 2013

NICE Introduces Situator Express

NICE Systems today announced the roll out of Situator Express, an easy way to deploy solution for security situation management which adds an advanced layer of management to the NiceVision IP video surveillance system.
4th April 2013

ANADIGICS Expands Surface Mount Line Amplifier Family

ANADIGICS Expands Surface Mount Line Amplifier Family
ANADIGICS today announced that the Company has introduced three new surface mount line amplifiers. The ACA2460E, ACA2461E, and ACA2462E 1 GHz line amplifiers are optimized for cable television (CATV) systems in Asia by combining low power consumption and enhanced thermal performance with a wide gain range.
21st March 2013

Belden Provides Means of Securing Critical Manufacturing Systems Against Published Vulnerabilities

Belden announces an update to the EAGLE Tofino Industrial Security Solution to include “Security Profiles”. Part of the EAGLE Tofino version 1.7 product release, this new feature addresses the post-Stuxnet trend of a dramatic escalation in the number of public disclosures of industrial control system vulnerabilities.
19th March 2013

Secure Access Solution With Integrated SIPRNet Smart Card Reader From Raritan

Raritan have unveiled the industry’s first remote access-and-control KVM switch with an integrated SIPRNet token reader. The U.S. Government has mandated that SIPRNet hardware tokens be used to access systems on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network by April 2013. Similar in appearance to a smart card or common access card, a SIPRNet token is cryptographically bound to the user’s identity and contains individual public key infrastructure certificates used for network logon, Web site authentication and secure e-mail.
6th March 2013

Security Smart Card With LED Display And One-Time Password From Infineon And Bundesdruckerei

Infineon and Bundesdruckerei have developed a new security smart card with an LED display and a one-time password. This new technology is centred around a security chip in the card which generates a one-time password for each transaction and displays this on the integrated LED display. Requesting the one-time password in addition to the static password boosts the security of authentication and payment applications and protects against attacks on e.g. company networks and against card manipulation.
6th March 2013

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