SerialBuffer on Korenix JetBox 3300-w/3350i-w guaranteeing no data-loss!

5th April 2013
ES Admin
Data-loss results in a deal of expense in business and in material costs. SerialBuffer is provided to eliminate the issue. Korenix SerialBuffer is a server-client program which has been designed specifically for checking when data has gone missing in the process of transference.
JetBox 3300 series has the feature results of no Data-loss when the connection is off, it fits perfectly in the operation of remote or on-site monitoring as the data is saved temporally in the buffer when the connection is off, but the data will be resent once the connection is on again.

SerialBuffer APP has several significant advantages which can be operated, such as no data-loss when the connection is broken, the APP can be used for both the serial port and the USB port, as well as the data buffer which has a large capacity as mSD/SD card, which enable users to choose a suitable capacity for different applications.


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