Wireless battery management system adopted

8th April 2019
Alex Lynn

A tailored version of NorthStar ACE, a wireless battery management system, called AGM Truck Test has been created by Daimler and NorthStar Battery. This battery analytics tool is currently being rolled-out to all Daimler’s service centres in Europe plus Africa, Asia and Latin America. The joint project is the next step in the relationship with Daimler which started in 2016.

As a further extension to the collaboration, Daimler has together with NorthStar created a tailored version of NorthStar ACE, called AGM Truck Test, as an AGM battery analytics tool for Daimler’s service centres. NorthStar ACE is the award-winning battery management system that allows users to wirelessly retrieve real-time and historical performance data. The system was launched for the Telecom segment in 2017 where it has gained approval at several large operators globally. It was later introduced to the Transportation segment in 2018.

With the tailored version, AGM Truck Test, Daimler can track the performance of the batteries throughout their service life, to ensure that batteries are replaced only when they reach end of reliable life, not sooner. If a single battery fails it can be replaced promptly to protect the other batteries in the same circuit resulting in lowered total cost of ownership.

The first version of AGM Truck Test was released by Daimler in Q1 2019 and is currently being rolled-out to all service centres in Europe plus Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“We are excited about taking this next step in our relationship with Daimler. With AGM Truck Test, Daimler and their trucks will stay in the absolute forefront of battery monitoring for years to come,” said John Semeniuk, President Transportation Division, NorthStar Battery.

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