Secure Access Solution With Integrated SIPRNet Smart Card Reader From Raritan

6th March 2013
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Raritan have unveiled the industry’s first remote access-and-control KVM switch with an integrated SIPRNet token reader. The U.S. Government has mandated that SIPRNet hardware tokens be used to access systems on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network by April 2013. Similar in appearance to a smart card or common access card, a SIPRNet token is cryptographically bound to the user’s identity and contains individual public key infrastructure certificates used for network logon, Web site authentication and secure e-mail.
Credentials stored on hardware tokens are only accessible using specialized software and card readers.

Raritan's new Paragon KVM solution for government customers has three key components: a Paragon II Enhanced User Station with an integrated SIPRNet Card Reader, an updated Paragon II USB Computer Interface Module, and the enterprise-class Paragon II Cat5 KVM switch, which is a proven KVM workhorse used widely by government and military agencies to access servers.

Data center servers and other IT equipment equipped with the required middleware software can be centrally accessed using the new Paragon SIPRNet card-reader solution. Once a government IT professional is authenticated they can access and control servers and other networked devices using secure, high-speed, BIOS-level access. Paragon also provides a consolidated view of all Paragon-connected servers and devices.

We have built upon the extensive expertise that Raritan had developed in delivering the industry’s first and most widely deployed CAC KVM solution, said Richard Dominach, Senior Product Manager for Raritan. Recognized for the security and reliability of our products, we are one of the first to deliver a secure KVM solution for accessing systems on SIPRNet.

Raritan's new solution has been tested extensively by multiple customers, who have verified that the SIPRNet system meets their needs for access to classified systems.

For additional security measures, Paragon II does not store or cache smart card data, requires re-authentication when switching between servers, and allows access to a given server by only one user at a time. The Paragon II solution is on the United States GSA schedule of approved FIPS 201 products.

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