ACE Shielding Cans Help Us Get More From Mobile Devices

10th April 2013
Posted By : ES Admin
As voltages used within personal mobile devices are reduced to reduce power dissipation, relax cooling requirements and extend battery life, lower level signals become increasingly susceptible to surrounding noise and interference. It is equally important that these devices be shielded from inbound interference as it is to comply with EMR and RFI regulations.
Circuit designers, attempting to do more in less space, are increasingly needing bespoke, board-level, shielding solutions in order to ensure the performance of their circuits; solutions that can be provided by Advanced Chemical Etching’s combined process technologies.

Commonly manufactured in a combination of tin plated steel or nickel silver with stainless steel, the can profiles are produced by high precision chemical etching that generates stress-free, burr-free parts in a single process. Half etched fold lines can be incorporated in the design to enable the cans to be formed manually or with soft tooling but ACE can also form the 3-D components using low cost modular tooling.

The company can also incorporate selective dielectric coating to prevent potential arcing and can design in handing features such as lands for robotic vacuum manipulation.

For devices that may need ‘tweaking’ after assembly ACE has developed design mechanical features to attach removable lids and for shielding power devices that require a degree of cooling, perforated designs are also possible all manufactured in a single process.

Because the ACE production process relies completely on digital and modular tooling bespoke shielding cans can be produced in virtually the same time as it takes to order and obtain standard cans. The result is a better purpose-fit in timescales that have little or no effect on critical path ‘time to market’.

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