Innovative adhesive technology from Intertronics

16th February 2007
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Intertronics have recently introduced new adhesive technology for PET and R-PET plastics, from DYMAX Corporation, which provides aggressive bonds to a wide variety of engineering plastics. Ultra Light-Weld® 3-20741, the new UV/visible adhesive, cures upon exposure to UV light in seconds to create intrinsically strong clear bonds, while eliminating the marking or discoloration that can occur with heat sealing RF or sonic welding. The adhesive is formulated to provide structural bonds to PET-type resins, and is ideally suited for bonding applications across a wide range of industries.
The new 3-20741 cures in seconds upon exposure to UV light - even through UV blocked and tinted glass and plastics. It is environmentally friendly and solvent free while eliminating costly tooling, set up, capital equipment and high energy requirements - resulting in lower assembly costs and enhanced worker safety.

Ultra Light-Weld 3-20741 is 100% free of solvent and ODC (Ozone Depleting Compound). Along with excellent depth and speed of cure, it is an ideal replacement where elimination of ODCs or ODC containing adhesives is desired. Crazing of plastics is also eliminated. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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