Intertronics introduces Flextac BGA Stencil Rework Kit

20th November 2006
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Intertronics are pleased to introduce probably the easiest, most reliable method for stencil printing solder paste on individual Ball Grid Array (BGA) component sites for rework – accurate, disposable Flextac stencils in a complete BGA Stencil Rework Kit.
Flextac stencils have an adhesive side that attaches temporarily to the PCB, preventing misalignment and solder paste smearing. Because Flextac stencils are inexpensive and disposable, they help users keep lead-bearing and lead-free soldering materials separate, preventing cross-contamination, which can happen when in-facility processing, or reworking older assemblies using tin/lead solders and newer boards that are lead-free, to help RoHS compliance. Flextac stencils themselves are also RoHS compliant.

Flextac stencils are part of a complete CircuitMedic BGA stencil kit that includes 20 different sizes of BGA rework stencils, a spatula handle and three sizes of spatula blades.

Flexible Flextac solder paste stencils are laser cut for correct aperture size. They are cut from high quality, anti-static polymer film with a residue-free adhesive backing. Because they are self-sticking, no tape or fixturing is needed. The adhesive seals around each BGA pad to prevent solder paste from bleeding under the stencil when solder paste is applied. This makes them easy to use, while leaving no residue on the board surface.

If the Flextac stencil is not correctly positioned, it can simply be repositioned. The side tabs also serve as solder dams preventing solder paste overspill. Since the residue-free adhesive seals around each BGA pad, one may make as many passes with the squeege as needed to ensure proper aperture filling. The Flextac stencil is then peeled off, leaving a perfect deposit of solder on each pad. Although Flextac stencils are disposable, they can be used several times.

The tools and materials in CircuitMedic kits have been used for decades by the most demanding commercial, medical and military electronics manufacturers. They have been specifically designed to meet the requirements outlined in repair and rework guidelines published by the IPC. The kits include in-depth instructions that follow recommended electronics industry methods. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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